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How do I learn tanking in low levels ?

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How do I learn tanking in low levels ?

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02.18.2018 , 12:04 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by wadecounty View Post
PvP is fantastic for improving one's situational awareness and ability to react to problems, but its really not going to teach him much about PvE tanking. Players do not at all follow aggro mechanics, guard swap is not a thing in PvE, its just a totally different ballgame.
Players dont necessarily follow aggro mechanics but taunting works the exact same way (range for AoE taunt, and the same idea for single taunt where the most damaging opponent needs to be taunted) but with slightly different mechanics where any player not attacking you will do significantly less damage.

I genuinely find PvE very easy after PvP, as you learn how to use your DCDs very well (healers always comment on how much easier it is to play with me tanking)