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Speed Racers

Oarie's Avatar

06.04.2019 , 11:38 AM | #1
I think the developers should add speed racers, make a racing track on Tatooine, and make a dueling area on Tatoonie. The dueling area should dismiss the players companion, contain dueling quests, also Tatoonies level cap should be raised to 10-70 and allow both factions to travel to Tatoonie, The empire made frequent visits to Totoonie in the movies. The speed racers should vary in speed limits and have modifications, the shift key would initialize a speed boost for a short duration, the shift boost would be a purchasable item along with other purchasable items. The developers would both benefit through micro transactions and new subscriptions ( People love competitive racing ). The players would benefit by having a totally new activity also the game economy would benefit, every mount should get a shift boost slot. The speed racer concept is in line with the Star Wars theme and quite frankly it feels like its missing.

BingyDingy's Avatar

06.07.2019 , 08:16 PM | #2
not the cartoon speed racer, but they mean the Hutt's Battle Race anything goes

1.) personally if they build their own racers from junk supply by the Jawa's chop-shops that be cool!
2.) players use their own special shop to build their own Racer! they can have weapons on them too!
2a.) they can go to planets has spaceship crash to get off world parts from too!
3.) but it has to be set up like need for speed underground building their own race cars has to be swtor style chopshop (sample only) drive or fly through with caves to open landscapes Tatooin!

plus be great for that! jumping across crevasse on the trail swap track racers and death traps all over the track to look out for, being the target of the sand people they be butting into the race looking for a fast kill!

it be like all out war on the swap track anything goes, bump into other force them into direct that could kill them off or shot thier racers out to crash and burn lump of chard smoke!

The Hutts be there watching the action and bidding their rearends off too

added note: track has to have rules
1.) anything goes!
2.) stay on the path follow it, go outside the markers you be remove from race, have to wait till next race starts enter it again!
3.) build your own racer anyway you like! you can't buy a mount you have to build it!

well thats my ID on a new event! don't think Dev will do it anyways that my take on it!
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