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Cross Platform 2 grow

Nebrialas's Avatar

06.02.2019 , 11:14 PM | #1
SWTOR is a rich deep game full of lore and as a star wars game stands head and shoulders above the rest that have come out before and after it. It truly lets you be the character you want to be . I love this game and every aspect of it . it is for the reason of wanting it to go on generational and to grow even bigger i suggest the following.

This game should expand to consoles playstation & xbox to tap the console player base and grow as well as create more funding allowing them to do more and advance faster with all those on staff making more.

Obviously i play on pc and sub to the game . and i'm aware of the biast between pc and console but as such i am also aware the console community is larger then the pc community when you combine consoles. As well as them dominating on platforms for e-sports - refusing to cross platform is willingly refusing a lot of money .
I am also aware that for years ( and even some miss informed pc players now ) say the game cant be run with a console hardware or button amount restrictions - That's just completely untrue - More demanding games have been cross platformed already ( note : FFXIV & Star trek had button set ups that range over 20 not counting directions ) and the difference in view is nearly non existent . That's reality .

Other then biast there is no reason to not expand the game to console .
so to that - obviously those who don't want to cross platform are fine with the game stagnating and dyng slow on pc as it gets overshadowed by the millions of games that start on pc .Me personally i want to see this game get more success and grow to triple-A title status netting the company a mint and getting great expansions to come from it .

If you really do love this game if you really do want the staff to keep working and have job security giving you endless content . Then you would not only agree but constantly tell them to try to make it happen .

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06.03.2019 , 07:46 AM | #2
They don't have resources for that. They'd have to significantly streamline a lot of aspects of the game to fit a controller, the multiple keybinds, etc. Not to mention re-working the entire game to work on console and not on PC.
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