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6.0 Crafting is Ludicrously a complete and total piece of Junk

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6.0 Crafting is Ludicrously a complete and total piece of Junk

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02.03.2020 , 06:38 PM | #231
Quote: Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
This is the first iteration of any MMORPG I've played where I spend exorbitant funds and hours on end, the side effect of which is I collect gobs of diamonds, for the purpose of creating a bunch of cubic zirconia -- all in the hopes of eventually making my own diamonds.

And the diamonds you make aren't actually good quality. They have lots of inclusions, aren't brilliant white but instead have yellow discolorations, etc.
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02.10.2020 , 04:42 PM | #232
Hi, I'm a player returning for Onslaught after two years absence... and I must say I don't like what I see with crafting.

Leveling to 75 is great as ever. I really liked Ossus and Onderon stories and enjoy Mek-Sha so far, but crafting... Bioware, what have you done...

Since I play SWTOR (the time they introduced Makeb) I play an hour or so per day... I mostly do dailys because I burned myself in WOW playing flashpoints and operations. I've had enough of this. So I play my main char and some toons, and I chose crafting skills so I could craft everything I need by myself and not rely on GTN. And it worked great... especially leveling alts was really cool when you could craft the gear you didn't find. My gear was not top tier, but it was enough for my playstyle of dailys and heroics.

Now I'm back and was happy to see crafting is now at 700, but the joy soon vaporized... the first trainer only sold me the 700 max skill level and some yellow schematics with incredients I've never seen before, mostly stuff from Operations. OK I said, seek a new one in Onderon. And this one had lots of schematics. But sadly, I cannot craft even a single new green item because Bioware thought it a good idea that now you need stuff for crafting you cannot get from salvaging or crew skill missions, mainly "Processed Isotope Stabilizer". I have ZERO of those.

Do I really need to run Master Flashpoints, operations or participate in PVP just to get crafting incredients for GREEN items? Listen, I don't need to craft rainbow colored super gear with laser shooting out of it, but simple green and blue gear crafting needs operations, PVP and Master Flashpoints? Really?? What kind of genius thought that would be a good idea?

I never cheated or abused game mechanisms to get credits, so I have about 10 million credits, shared over now 5 toons. I cannot afford buying a single material in GTN for 250000 credits.

If the Processed Isotope Stabilizers don't get removed for green and blue crafting, I fear my visit will be a short one... complete the story once, and wait for improvements.