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Playable race : Voss

DavidAtkinson's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 06:55 AM | #1
I am on on Voss again, doing JK story for the millionth time and I really like these Voss people. They are beautiful to me and I think they'd make a great playable race.

Any chance for this to ever happen ? I don't think I saw any threads about it.....
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09.15.2019 , 07:04 AM | #2
Voss would be awesome however I think they're a special model body type of super tall and skinny. I don't recall ever seeing a BT1,2, 3, or 4 of them. (I'm sure someone can point out an instance.) If that were possible, then the new Body type(5) can be introduced as well. They certainly have a gorgeous palette of colors to play with. An artistic natured person's dream.
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09.15.2019 , 07:17 AM | #3
The Voss seem to be all mystical and peaceful. It may be reasonable to see them as some sort of Jedi Consular, but I'd have a hard time picturing them as any Imp class or Smuggler or Commando (or even Jedi Knight).
But, then again, they could be exclusive to Jedi only.
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09.15.2019 , 07:35 AM | #4
There have been several threads over the years asking for the Voss to become a playable species. There has been no clear answer yet on BioWare's end, but apart from the already mentioned body type issues when it comes to armor, there is also a rather glaring lore issue if they'd become playable, especially when your class story leads you to Voss. It would be quite game breaking if your companions and the NPC's interact with you and talk about the Voss as a mystery and like no one knows about them, all the while you are actually Voss. I am pretty sure this lore issue is also the reason why we have not yet gotten a Voss companion, only a Gormak one through the Star Fortress quest.

So no, there is virtually no chance they will become playable. As a companion? Maybe.

Goreshaga's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 08:56 AM | #5
While i like the Voss as a species, that would be a bit weird to have them as playable species during the class stories considering at that time they didn't leave Voss, and would make for some oddities during some dialogues.

Then they have a different build than our PC, being roughly the height of BT3 with the weight of BT1-2.

A Voss companion could be possible, but i don't really see them being added as a playable species, unless they completely change how our PC are made so that we can choose the height and weight as 2 different options.
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09.15.2019 , 10:25 AM | #6
+1 I love the Voss.
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09.15.2019 , 05:11 PM | #7
I don't really feel like rehashing 7+ years of Voss requests, suffice to say that for lore and technical reasons, there is practically no chance of them happening.

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Kihtracinya's Avatar

09.16.2019 , 09:25 PM | #8
Heck yeah Voss would be a great ppl to play; would've preferred Voss to Nautolan myself. Unfortunately the problems listed in this thread are real roadblocks as far as vanilla goes, but how about a post eternal empire species? Why not? Vanilla's my fav but I think a post-arcann Voss world could be a great story starting point. As for the nature of the Voss peeps, the vanilla stories have Voss npcs wanting something other than the status quo (JK and Smuggler stories come to mind). It may be too much to overcome game-wise, so maybe a series of Voss stories? Could be gooood
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09.17.2019 , 10:31 AM | #9
The way the Voss think is so much alien to most other species in the universe ... Playing a Voss would make the own character too much "out of character", so to say ..
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09.17.2019 , 10:52 AM | #10
That wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to start as a Voss. When you get there you're told they're a mysterious people and not much is known about them but oh hey you're one so ummm... Nope doesn't work.
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