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Gearing Becoming Mostly Pointless?

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Gearing Becoming Mostly Pointless?

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09.16.2019 , 10:29 PM | #11
Getting some different responses here, which doesn't clear it up for me really. I will post a couple of quotes from folks over at the PTS Forum which speaks to my concern.

"Level sync is a joke in how it is working as my level ten with fleet vendor gear is three times stronger than a level 75 in augmented gear." -Hawkbatt (

"There is no balance with level sync going down and only going up does it work better for you. I saw this on live with a level 55 186 geared and augmented toon. Low power but good balance to stats. The other way around on pts you are weak if not for you crit alacrity and accuracy.
Mastery and power relics are useless in anything other than level 75 content.
Level 75 gear will only be useful in the Dxun Operation and on Onderon. Everything else a toon in questing gear is better than you as they are not nerfed for the content." -Hawkbatt (

"whats the point of adrenals in a lvl 55 ops... you can only use accuracy or crit adrenals..... yay everything else is useless as it is capped... relics the same you got a mastery proc relic... screw it! it doesnt do anything... what about the sage raidbuff? useless as mastery and endurace is capped..." -Opiklo (

There are similar posts but these seemed to sum up what I was asking about. So it seems like the level sync is making gearing for anyting other than the Dxun Op and Onderon not only pointless, but puts you at a disadvantage compared to lower-leveled, poorer geared characters. I hope I'm misunderstanding because that seems awful to me. Anyone else unhappy with this?
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09.17.2019 , 07:25 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by sharkfishman View Post
If you want to run any MM flashpoints that aren't Red Reaper or Hammer Station, stats are also important. You simply won't beat enrage timers if you're running unmodded 230s (unless there are modded 258s in your group). Your healer won't have what it takes to get you through Ortuno or D7 or the rakghoul FPs or anywhere in Blood Hunt if they don't have decent gear. Forget about any bonus bosses in most MM FPs either..
This is just blatantly wrong.
All bolstered content is playable with the stats that the bolster gives, so yes, focus on gearing there is sort of pointless, though in group content it is/was considered courtesy to at least get close to one gear level lower than what you are playing drops for loot.
Do better numbers help sure, are they absolutely needed? No.
Especially not inside the FPs. Since people can do MM FP from level 50 on you don't need 230+ gear at all, you can't wear it for the next 20 level. Level 50 item rating is somewhere among 150 if I recall correctly and it is enough.

Do you have to be more careful with lower item level, probably. Are you able to carry a whole group of "I don't know how to play my character/role even a little bit", no you are not and rightly so. Those are Master Mode flashpoints after all. But gear is not a factor there at all, knowing how to play though definitely is.
The times you struggle there even with people vastly over geared in 248s or even 258s shows that it is the knowledge of mechanics and class abilities, something remotely resembling a rotation, the fact that too many players are too used to having super strong healing companions instead of learning to step out of pools of bad in time, no interrupts, no stuns used, staying behind bosses ect ect. that is the problem.
There have been several videos been posted by people who successfully did even the more demanding FPs like Bloodhunt MM with just a weapon in hand and otherwise naked, so purely relying on the stats bolster gives. And some of those videos are even from before the last round of streamlining and nerfs of those FPs since 5.0.
A group that has the added stats from any gear and somewhat knows what to do with themselves and the bosses in there is completely fine in there. Or should be if they manage to play together as a group.

The only exception actually are the most recent FPs although mostly in Veteran mode, since low levels simply don't yet have the defensive abilities they need there. But since MM is available from level 50 that isn't as bad there.
I've run all those FPs with groups containing one or more under 70 characters, we did them well enough to get through, admittedly not wipe free, but where's the drama in that? That one run through Nathema MM last weekend was even better than most full 70 rnd groups I've had.
Key is to discuss the strategy for those who might not know the mechanics and then players that are able to play their class and role for more than simple tank and spank and hit one ability all over.
More stats do help of course, but only if the player wearing them also is able to use that advantage, then the better the gear you have the more you are able to carry the rest of the group. But essentially the FPs are still designed for a group of four players who all do their part. If they do, bolster is sufficient enough stat wise. If they don't, the better numbers don't really help anyway. Like that 248/252 mixed sorc spamming nothing but lightning bolt all the time, of course enrage timers become a problem there, but that kind of play-style simply isn't meant to succeed in the most difficult mode for 4 player groups. So in the end that is working as intended.
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