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LordAppius's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 06:37 PM | #1
Hey, i feel we didn't kill enough skytroppers on the first 16 chapters!

Eshvara's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 06:38 PM | #2
We didn't, good thing kotet will fix that for us. Most likely anyway
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Rolodome's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 06:59 PM | #3
Don't worry, when you get killed by skytroopers in a higher difficulty of KOTFE chapters, while repeating them for CXP and pride, then the real skytrooper hatred will begin.
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Rankyn's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 07:01 PM | #4
What's a SkyTropper?
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rlionherz's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 07:04 PM | #5
at least they are not controlled by Revan
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Rolodome's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 07:16 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by rlionherz View Post
at least they are not controlled by Revan
An army of split Revan generals leading hordes of Skytroopers. That would be the ultimate troll bonus chapter.
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curulz's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 09:10 PM | #7
keep your skytroopers, moar Kephess

Shfinky's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 10:41 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by curulz View Post
keep your skytroopers, moar Kephess

Kephes- turns up in the most unexpected places (lotta love for Gorrilasaurus!)

Skytroopers = EVoopers for Kotet, just way way more of them!

mitchsts's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 11:17 PM | #9
yes, we need more skytroopers. also, we need more cartel market packs. i feel like they are also too cheap, they really need to up the price again. they should really just add something in the cartel market that will allow you to kill more skytroopers.

actually, what they should really do is delete everything in the game except skytroopers and packs. i want to log into the game, and be ambushed continuously until i buy packs. and for the people who don't like skytroopers, there can be an unlock in the cartel market for 3000 cartel coins that will make the endless wave of skytroopers stop. that way everyone wins!

Shfinky's Avatar

11.16.2016 , 11:47 PM | #10
Rofling so hard at the above should do scripts for the next expansion!!!