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The smugglers guide book more old republic refrences

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The smugglers guide book more old republic refrences

Kaisernick's Avatar

01.11.2019 , 04:22 PM | #1
ok so acording to what ive look around the newest instalments of the guidebooks this one on the smuggler way of life is cannon
now some spilers ahead i noticed that in this book is not only a HK model but a image of a Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter otherwise known as the smugglers ship from this game.

it seems more and more disney is intrested in the old republic era now i know the game isnt cannon but it does throw further evidance that they may do something with the era in the future. Referral Link
ok ok i get it i made a typo, can we let it go.
Nope, this is the Internet, outside of worshiping cats, making fun of grammatical mistakes is our most beloved pastime

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01.13.2019 , 03:14 PM | #2
No way ur gonna ecape fromm teh typo police