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Some advise needed by a returning player

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Some advise needed by a returning player

bessonovluke's Avatar

12.27.2018 , 04:23 PM | #1
Well helllo Jedi / sith friends. My questions is this. I want to level my new characters but I do not want to do side quests or planetary missions. So can I make it to level cut of in such a way that I can do the new content without having to waste time.

I can brute force my stats with orange mods from higher level that I have played.

Is it possible? And if so how? I can do pvp / dungeons. Any advice?

Thanks Darth Luke

Setokai's Avatar

12.27.2018 , 08:39 PM | #2
Welcome back, one of the things you may have noticed is there is a double XP/CXP event currently going on, you can level up with the usual XP boosters, legacy perk boosts, doing for the most part class missions and a few heroics and be at current max level of 70 within a few hours, you can also join groups on balmorra on imp side for power leveling by farming the colicoids at a heroic area, you can also do a similar thing on Nar Shaddaa near the morgukai heroic, or if you have 2000 cartel coins stocked up you could buy a masters datacron and jump to 70 and it won't affect your story missions
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