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Jedi Guardian Questions

Damedius's Avatar

12.14.2016 , 11:53 AM | #1
Just started a Jedi Guardian and have a couple questions.

What is the most viable spec for PvP? Might as well level as that spec to get used to the rotation.

What is the best companion for a dark side Jedi Guardian? I want to make the most out of conversations and don't want to bring some one who will always disapprove.

Syrvrein's Avatar

12.17.2016 , 06:21 AM | #2
I'd still argue for the superiority of Immortal in most circumstances. [Addendum: Simply stack power as opposed to defence rating.]

As for companion, Lord Scourge will approve of most DS choices. However, the changrian fellow and even Kira on occasion will approve. I suppose it depends largely on context. Safe bet would be to depend on Scourge to approve of DS choices.