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Best discipline for PVP and PVE for Operative?

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Best discipline for PVP and PVE for Operative?

Bengartrell's Avatar

10.29.2017 , 08:34 AM | #1
So, I'm looking for a class that does well in PVP as well as PVE?

Throw your thoughts at me.

De-mu-noki's Avatar

10.29.2017 , 09:04 AM | #2
In PvE (Ops), Lethality is among the top three highest parsing specs ( and very viable due to 30m DoT range, very effective DoT-spreading (Toxic Haze! Yayyyy!) and the ability to sustain some form of damage at 10m range.
Concealment, on the other hand, is a very weak spec due to positional requirements (Backstab being the only ability left in the game to require being behind the target), strict rotation that doesn't allow for screwups caused by certain mechanics and no armor debuff on the target like most dps classes have (+5% tech damage etc). However, it should be easier to stealth rez (if BW hadn't broken it lol)
In PvP (non-ranked, I'm not sure about ranked), it's the other way round: Lethality has it pretty hard due to missing defensives and a long warm-up time (it needs 4 GCDs or around 6 seconds to fully apply DoT's for a proper "burst" rotation)
Concealment has the so-called "lol-roll", which gives you basically immunity for 3 seconds every 10 seconds, one of the most annoying roots with crippling slice (enemy can't turn around) and some serious burst

EDIT: As was correctly pointed out below, I meant dueling other players, I don't PvP enough to be sure about objective play
It's always best to learn both roles just for those few occasion where the other spec is better, but if you're planning to do both Ops and PvP with one spec, I'd recommend Lethality simply due to the insane damage it has

Aetideus's Avatar

10.30.2017 , 05:37 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Bengartrell View Post
So, I'm looking for a class that does well in PVP as well as PVE?

Throw your thoughts at me.
PVE Lethality hands down.

PvP Conc is better in 1vs1 and Lethality in team and objectives play. Lethality playstyle is far more complicated and versatile - single target, aoe, off-heals but both specs are hard to master. Conc is #1 dueler.

Rion_Starkiller's Avatar

10.31.2017 , 01:08 PM | #4
Personally, I like both specs.

Lethality is easier and parses higher sustained damage over long battles, while Concealment deals huge damage in short bursts, but has difficult energy management, especially with multiple targets.

Lethality: Oftentimes, your companion or groupmates will kill a mob before you even have a chance to set up your DoT's. So it depends on what you are fighting.

Concealment: Great for killing something fast. I think it used to hold the record for fastest 500k.
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11.02.2017 , 03:14 AM | #5
Lethality simple parses higher which makes it better for predictable PVE group content. Lethality is absurdly bad in PVP when you're fighting good players. Lethality's defences are laughable. You will be electro netted and you will use stun break within the first 10 seconds of a rough fight. If I see an operative throwing a corrosive grenade, I will mercilessly hunt that player because I know it's almost a free kill. At least concealment has the nice speed boost on counter measures, which gives you a decent chance to hide. Lethality under electro net either has to stun break or it dies. If stun break is on cool down, then you die.

While it cannot compete with many other classes in terms of pure damage, concealment has the almighty troll roll which makes it very good for pressuring nodes in match types like civil war. The node is guaranteed to be lost unless you send a send player to chase off the operative, and sometimes that loss of the one extra player is enough to change the balance of power at the fights happening at the other nodes.

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11.14.2017 , 07:27 AM | #6
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Turn-XGundam's Avatar

11.14.2017 , 02:07 PM | #7
is scrapper still good for pvp??
always liked that tree too bad i missed the chance when it still had the knock down.

kissingaiur's Avatar

11.16.2017 , 07:40 AM | #8
I know that lethality is really good in pve but if your looking for a pvp class I would suggest you learn concealment. Lethality realistically in pvp is just subpar compared to concealment. Leth is shushier because of lack of roll immunity and it's damage has a lot of set up. More set up you have to do the less your really effective in pvp. Majority of Leths cleave in pressure fights is fluffy, it's burst is alright but again because of heavily set up it's hard to get off to be optimal in fights where players can just run away or cleanse off your damage.

Concealment on the other hand has very burst and better survivibiliy. It is one of the best 1v1 specs in the game because of that fact unlike leth. Concealment also is extremely good right now in solo ranked if that is something your interested in. It is good because it can play defensive/offensive and great burst which is helpful because majority of the strats in solo ranked is whoever can burst one target the hardest.

I don't know much about pve but I think concealment is decent in pve too? If you want one spec for both worlds I would suggest concealment hands down.
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11.16.2017 , 09:40 AM | #9
The posts so far are logical suggestions are they all recommend choosing the easy way, IE roll what's the easiest to play at the moment.

However, I strongly urge you to think on what you want from PVE and especially PVP. As a PVP-er, I will talk to you about PVP.

If you want it easy, all handed out to you on a plate go concealment.

If you want sense of accomplishment, hard work then go the Lethality.

Everyone in this game runs from DoT specs like the plague because they are harder to master and needs more skill to handle, but trust me, Once you learn how to play a DoT spec properly, you will be very effective.

In conclusion, it will be better if you learn both concealment and Lethality.

I Play Mostly Annihilation marauder and fury and I switch between them. Both specs have given me good moments but Annihilation was one which gave me the best of the best moments.

In the end it's your choice. Play whichever is the most comfortable to you.

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11.16.2017 , 11:39 AM | #10
people run away from dot specs because they dont pop higher damage number right away, instead doing the same damage or more then a burst spec over time.

because of the people feel they are weaker lol