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Pulse Cannon with Pulse Generator

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Pulse Cannon with Pulse Generator

DeathDealerElite's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 09:28 PM | #11
Oh, and for PvP I always Gut my target first, to get that DOT ticking on them. You can notice the health drop in chunks if they are bleeding from Gut when you hit them with a charged Pulse Cannon. My optimum rotation on a dirty imp is Gut, FP, Free SS( from the FP), HIB(usually a guarantee crit from Gut or SS damage),IP,IP, Pulse Cannon. Of course, more often than not you have a nice AOE meat tray sitting clumped up in front of you, get all excited and let the Pulse Cannon rip, and one of your Sage or Commando teammates comes and knocks everyone out of the damage area, lol.

Mortar Volley is a great AOE by the way , just on that blasted 1 min cd.