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Onslaught Known Issues

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.22.2019 , 11:53 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
  • Nautolans do not have Dark Side Corruption.
  • Enhancements do not have Amplifiers. If we add them in the future they will be granted retroactively to all eligible Enhancements.
  • The Lockout UI does not properly display that Story Mode Operation Lockouts reset every 24 hours.
  • Creature Companions are not displaying Accuracy on their Companion Character Sheet.
  • Creature Companions are doing less damage than intended while in DPS mode.
  • Companion Influence does not update properly in the Character Sheet.
  • The tooltip for Trishin’s Retort’s 4-piece set bonus is not updating properly (it is functioning correctly).
  • Absorb Shields on NPCs are showing both damage and absorb combat text.
  • Crafted Tactical items cannot be deconstructed.
  • Crafting Materials in the Materials Inventory list do not show quality. Quality is working on mouse-over tooltips.
  • When Augmenting gear, Augment Kits that are in your Cargo Hold will show up as available but are not currently usable.
    • Workaround: Place Augment Kits in your inventory before Augmenting your gear.
  • The Bonus Mission “A Strategic Offering” asks for players to get Zakkeg Claws but there are no Zakkeg’s in the area.
    • Workaround: Arkonok’s in the area drop Arkonok Spurs which count as the Zakkeg Claw for the Mission.
  • The following set bonuses have discrepancies in their tooltips but function as intended. Refer to the patch notes for proper descriptions:
    • Concentrated Fire Set
    • Dire Retaliation Set
    • Tactician Set
    • Meteor Brawler Set
    • Apex Predator Set
    • Concentrated Fire Set
  • The following Tacticals have discrepancies in their tooltips but function as intended. Refer to the patch notes for correct descriptions:
    • Energized Blade Tactical
    • B-0 Differential Targeting System Tactical
    • Ruthless Interrogation Tactical
    • Acid Lash Tactical
  • The Unshielded Blaster Rifle is being displayed as a platinum quality MTX item when it is in fact a gold. To avoid confusion we are not going to direct sale this item until we can correct the rarity displayed. If you receive it in a pack in the meantime, it will occupy a gold slot as intended.
  • When your companion harvests from a harvesting node you will not receive a chat notification or loot window, but the materials will be placed in your materials inventory as intended.
  • Starting the Onslaught main story Mission by running into the phase gate will hang on loading.
    • Workaround: Start the Mission by pressing the play button in your mission log or if you zoned into the phase gate, simply press escape and talk directly to Malgus.
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