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Collections bug not showing the correct armor / gear acquired

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Collections bug not showing the correct armor / gear acquired

Sith_Redi's Avatar

11.19.2015 , 06:43 AM | #1
I recently posted a ticket about the Collections not showing the correct armor / gear acquired. I recently equipped the Cartel Market Havoc Squad Armor Set, and I was going to add it into my collections. Though went i went to the page in the Collections. The Havoc Squad Armor Set was only 2/7 items acquired. The Chest piece and boots. Which clearly I am wearing the whole set. I been waiting and waiting and waiting since I created the ticket. Though no response from Customer Support. Since the launch of this game, the Tickets for Customer Support have been very very slow. I still have a ticket in "Open" status on another problem 6 days ago. Do you think, this is an acceptable wait time? We pay monthly for a subscription to play SWTOR but also for a better response time with Customer Support. Wouldn't you want the same thing if you were paying for a service?

Cedia's Avatar

11.20.2015 , 09:28 PM | #2
I'm also having a problem with Collections. I have purchased numerous crystals and weapons from the GTN then bound them to characters. When I open up the Collection, they do not appear. I would very much like to spend CC to unlock them for my other characters.
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