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!! My personal Opinionated problems(HELP)

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!! My personal Opinionated problems(HELP)

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12.30.2011 , 06:41 PM | #1
This isn't a rant/rave or complaining thread. I've just been hitting a lot of snags that are frustrating me because they seem bugged.
It isn't a bug report either, because i dont' know if these things are on purpose and if they are, then they are unbalanced! It's a bit long but please will someone tell me i'm not alone in this, or i am(hopefuly i'm not alone). Thanks


1. [FORCE] - The force ability that interrupts the targets' strong attack(blue bar) is bugged. If you interrupt them, it is supposed to stop the attack from finishing when they starts using it, and then PREVENT them from using another one for 4 seconds.

*THis does not happen. With some of the target it will successfully stop the loading attack, but the target would instantly reload his attack again, or an even stronger one with no halt.
*OR the ability to interrupt the attack simply does not affect them at all.

2.[FORCE] - Stun: I understand that some targets are supposed to be tough, but what is the use of a stun ability when IT DOESN"T WORK? I've come across so many difficult enemies that would no be stunned at all. Many of these were ones that were on lvls far lower than mine, yet it doesn't work.

3. [FORCE] - Force Cloak: <- this force ability never works for me. It is supposed to make you instantly undetectible for 10sec and instnatly leaves combat when used. However, this once again does not happen. I haven't used it once where it actualy worked. I would go invisible and within 2 seconds the targets have relocked on and started attacking again. and I have two character that use this ability and never had a successful use. This happened with enemies on the same level, higher level and even LVLS far beneath mine.
*the force cloak*(sith) does not show that it is active like the Jedi calss does*

4. [FORCE] - Stealth: This ability fails to sneak past even weak enemies on levels lower than mine. I go past and BAM, i am detected and being attack once again. I know i'm not the only one with this problem, because even my brother who uses this ability gets it.
Point being, you are still easily detectible with these two abilities.

*OTher big problems*

5. Quest fights:
I enjoy a good challenge, but i don't like it when they are jus About impossible to beat.
There are GROUP Heroic missions specifically in need for grouping up to completely, but i find it very frustrating and annoying that normal class quests and solo quests needs Groups.
Example: On Alderaan, there was a mission(can't remember the name) where i had to slice a terminal and out pops a 13000hp dude. I was on level 28 when i first did it, and he was i think the same level or just below(but not higher than me). I could not defeat him no matter what and i treid 7 times. After that i decided to go do flashpoints till im level 30. Once i hit 30, i went back... and guess what.. DIED AGAIN. I had 6600hp and companion too, yet he killed us again. I had to get someone to help me.

6. OVERKILL bosses: On my JEDI Class quest:
On one of the class quests for the jedi class, i had to fight against a sith with 40k health on a lvl 2. At the time i was lvl 35 with almost 8000hp. No matter how many times i tried or what i did, i could no kill her. This was a due to the collective problems i'v mentioned above. Her attacks could no be stopped, she have ridiculous range on their shock powers, and even when u aren't in site they are able to lockon and shock u. I was on a higher lvl but i couldn't sun her, stop her attacks, hide from her, beat her up or anything. i ended up skiping that part of the quest because i couldn't beat it.

*To me this seems like a failed attempt at making something difficult, but going the wrong way about it. THese solo quest bosses have BS range, damage per attack/per second... some taking off 1.5k - 2 k in one strike.

*If it's a SOLO quest I WANT TO SOLO it. That is why group heroics are for. Why force me to group to complete my class mission that are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 lvls below current lvl.

7. STIMS: I haven't noticed them working at all. Not saying they aren't, but they just feel like they aren't doing what they are supposed to, even the ones that bumps up 150strength.

8. Min-MAx Damage /Min-Max Health
THese are bugged for sure!! Example: Attacks say 670-820 damage, it would only do 570, or 600, but hardly ever goes in the 670-820 range. If this is currect, then the min-max is false and crap. This happens a lot and with many attacks. Same with HEALTH packs. The min-max is 1725-2*** but it only adds about 1.2.-1.6. Rarely it would go between 1725(depending on the pack specs) It's like they are in a coin-flip system, but if that is true, then it's unfair.

9. Companions:
THese buggers are just utterly useless. In a fight against a dude that is 5k while we're 6k and 3 lvls higher, the dimwits still lose 80-90% of their health. They die super fast, and often do no damage worth mentioning. The only thing they are really good for is destracting the enemies, but many times this isn't enough to win because they die to quickly and i end up fighting 2x5k, 1x or 2x 1k (variable) it's just that they are useless, they don't offer enough help to balance out the OP class bosses(some of them anyway).

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01.04.2012 , 11:49 PM | #2
Just out of curiousity, do you upgrade your companions equipment ?

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01.05.2012 , 12:00 AM | #3
And try to use the companion that complements your class choices. No point using a tank companion if you tank etc.

I've only had problems with solo stuff with my healing sorcerer, usually when the a scripted event has enemies pop in around me so I get wailed on before my tank companion can get aggro. Annoying but thems the costs of soloing up as a healer. :/

Even then I precede to rez and destroy them.

However odds are we're playing different classes and it may be that yours has a bugged (too tough) boss that mine didn't.
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01.05.2012 , 05:00 PM | #4
I couldn't reply to this thread fro some reason.

Yes, i do upgrade my companions' armor, whenever i get new stuff.
I tried all my companions, and got my *** owned every time.

I can't use the force interrupter. It works on some but others, they just load the ability again and remove like 1000hp while i have to wait to use mine and doesn't take that much.

still happens with abilities that does a minimum 1000hp, i end up getting damage less than that!