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Powertech vs Mercenary Comparison

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Powertech vs Mercenary Comparison

TFace's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 11:19 AM | #1
I'm having a very tough time deciding between PT and Merc. I would really appreciate if our experienced BHs out there would post a breakdown if what abilities your AC has that really shine in PVP and why. I'm not interested in healing as a Merc, but the rest of the PVP specs for both ACs are welcome.

Vincynt's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 11:23 AM | #2
I haven't played a Merc so I'm unsure as to what they bring to the table. I picked a Powertech for my AC. I did so because I wanted to have a DPS option, and from what I hear the DPS options for PT and Merc are on pretty equal footing just different play styles. Merc is more of a ranged blaster weilding ******. PT is an up close and personal kinda guy, call him a pyro if ya like. And I thought, from past MMO experience, that I would prefer the tank as my second option over the healer. I like being up front and dirty with mobs. From a PvP standpoint I prefer having a massive health pool and good mitigation / absorbtion to go with my DPS then having the ability to heal myself. From experience if I need to heal myself I'm already dead and my play style just doesn't jive with hanging back and healing others.

Baracca's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 11:45 AM | #3
it comes down to stab, punch, fire vs. rockets and missles from what i've seen

if you have zero interest in healing then you could go PT which means damage and possible tank down the road.

EzFlyer's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 11:51 AM | #4
um what's deleting posts?

PT = tank or short-mid range dps
merc = heals or mid-long range dps

mrmojoz's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:00 PM | #5
Mercs get free parking and are virtually immune to leprosy.

Powertechs get free icecream and have better insurance rates.

They are pretty much the same otherwise.

gundamemo's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:08 PM | #6
I've got 46 PT and 21 Merc.

Take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Like everyone said, PT = short to mid range while merc = mid to long range.

For combat effectiveness, I say merc >> than PT.

PT can be annoyingly hard to kill in tank spec but does very little dmg or high crit/dot dmg that takes a while to kill but are useless against healing.

Merc with a mix of heal and dmg spec can both dmg and heal... and that's a lot considering you can assist kill from long range and heal from long range as well.

Trust me, healers at 50 are extremely hard to kill where as you NEED to be in tank spec to be durable. DPS spec PT are just as squishy as jedi sentinel or sith marauder.

churdturd's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:23 PM | #7
Can someone comment on the PvP? it SOUNDS like there might be more utility for the PT, but I like killing **** (was a pally on WoW so I never really got to kill ****)

How is the burst damage for either class?

Bizwolf's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:35 PM | #8
As a BH PT, you will take 10 minutes to kill. As a Merc, you will take 5 minutes to kill.

Cegenaus's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:54 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by churdturd View Post
Can someone comment on the PvP? it SOUNDS like there might be more utility for the PT, but I like killing **** (was a pally on WoW so I never really got to kill ****)

How is the burst damage for either class?
i dont have that much of experinece in pvp but as a merc you are as mobile as a house. your rotation is based off of a ability that has an activation time so if you need to move you are not attacking. i could lay down some serious damage (especially with heatseeker missiles) but my downfall was that if i was moving i wasnt attacking. im also a nub at pvp atm so i suck as well tbh

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danarchist's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 01:31 PM | #10
I think if I could start over I would have gone Merc. I have had fights with champion level mobs that took so long stuff started re-spawning on me. If you know what you are doing you can stay up for quite awhile versus pretty much anything, but eventually you WILL run out of cooldowns. As for tanking PT has no snap aggro like other tanking classes but does have superior aoe aggro abilities. The downside to that is when you really need aggro is on the big tuff bosses not the yard trash your killing to get to big tough bosses.

In pvp PT owns if you fast on your keyboard. I am not. I suck at it. Which is double suck as im on a pvp server. I have seen a lvl 50 guild PT wipe the floor with an entire group though including a cons healer. They threw everything at him and he just seemed to shrug it right off (I got to see this close up from my position face down on the ground lol). It took awhile for him to kill anyone after the first, but he ground them down especially fast when they were stupid enough to get into close range with him.

I have started practicing using my flames more effectively, "bunching" non-npc's is allot harder than it sounds unless there total newbs. Even then though not having a get out of death free card for quite a few levels is going to make midgame quite a bit harder for me.
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