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Hardest class to play.

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Hardest class to play.

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12.30.2011 , 02:51 PM | #11
None are hard, but some are complex. Gunslinger/Sniper I would say are the most complex.

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12.30.2011 , 03:04 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Korvad View Post
Marauders / Sentinels, no contest.
I'm a 17 Sentinel and I agree... so far anyway. So many buttons to push. My Bounty Hunter simply pushes 1 button every 2-3 pulls, Death from Above, all dead. And 1 of those in between pulls is Fusion Missile + Explosive Dart + Mop up.

No such I-Win Buttons for my Sentinel. I don't think I care though.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Ossos View Post
"I'm going to keep paying $15 a month for creamed corn because one day I might like it."

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12.30.2011 , 03:07 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by darthbored View Post
lmao i was under the impression smuggler/IA was "hardest". i dont see how marauder/sentinel can be hard at all, even my wife who has no video game experience made a marauder and found it insanely easy to master. On the other hand she made a smuggler and quit by lvl 7 saying she doesnt understand the combat mechanics.

and i agree with her, marauder is simple. especially in pvp IA/smuggler requires a lot more focus than other facerolling classes.
Well, unless your wife is different from my girlfriend (or you just don't like getting anyway, lol) you're probably grouped with your wife quite a bit. Being grouped makes a lot of a Sentinel/Marauders weakness go away.
The Official Unofficial Figurehead Of The December Procrastinators.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Ossos View Post
"I'm going to keep paying $15 a month for creamed corn because one day I might like it."

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12.30.2011 , 03:39 PM | #14
I'm a level 20 sentinel and there is quite a bit to keep track of. With this said, I think that once you're comfortable with all your abilities it really isn't that tough. Besides Master Strike which is a 3 second channel that you can't move or press other buttons during, everything is pretty straight forward. Feels pretty similar to a combat rogue or fury warrior from WoW.

There are a lot of cooldowns but a lot of your abilities are situational (decrease healing to target, slow target). If you are just DPS'ing, your rotation is pretty standard.

I actually made this guy just because I thought he looked ****** and was planning on making a toon with a bit more utility but I might see how this guy plays out.

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12.30.2011 , 04:10 PM | #15
My Jugg is a bit of a pain to play at 50, mostly because he has so many abilities to keep track of. I've got 3 hot bars on the screen and hotkeyed, and I still had to leave a few abilities off.

This mostly stems from absolutely nothing on Jugg (and perhaps Mara) actually replacing any other ability, just being another situational skill. Leaves Jugg with only a lose 'rotation', and more like a priority system of what to mash, making it hard to zone out.

Also, as mentioned above for marauder,, you have to have your face buried in the hotkey bar to keep track of your rage, as unlike the other classes, it isn't something you worry about only as it's getting low, it's constantly going up and down.

Additionally, and while I think it's a bug, parry/dodge makes some (but not all) of my attacks decide to not fire, though often still consume my GCD, meaning I have to watch the bar to make sure my stuff actually fired, as even the on screen animation isn't certain.

Also, having to make sure I'm near the mobs, and that any important mob is on me, while I also need to keep my head buried in the hotkeys, as mentioned above, makes me work more than I have in any other MMO.

Dunno if all the classes have these issues, but it does make Juggy seem a bit more intensive to play.

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12.30.2011 , 05:25 PM | #16
I have a 50 jugg and 27 scoundrel. The jugg is by far harder to play. They have way too many situational abilities. A macro system like in Rift would really improve the class.

I spend more time staring at the cooldowns on my hotbar than the actual fight.
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12.30.2011 , 06:19 PM | #17
I think the problem here lies in the diffrent playstyles of some of these classes.

Most people are looking for "whoever kills the fastest with the least button pushes" and then try to play a class like a marauder and cant figure out why solo pve and pvp is so...diffrent.

Marauder isnt a new type of class or role by any means. Its the standard issue beserker. This class trades off the line burst dps in turn for long fight sustained dps. Once the marauder builds up to get his "rotation" going and his procs built, theres no slowing it down as its attacks replenish its ability to use special skills and attacks.

My guess is that once people start parsing raid bosses, your going to see the benefits of this class. While those high burst range DPS are running out of energy the marauders will be dishing out the same dps the entire duration of the fight with no down time.

For solo pve and "solo" pvp (as most people play it it seems) this type of role is weak, as people run and you die, losing the built rage and benefits, as well as proc stacks ect. in a group for pve i can see their charges being very usefull

Ive exceeded the typical attention span so heres the standard issue TLDR: Not harder, excels in diffrent applications * diffrent meaning not solo pve and pvp.

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12.30.2011 , 07:05 PM | #18
It depends what you mean by 'hardest'.

In terms of resource management I'd say that Sawbones Scoundrel is probably the most difficult since you're essentially watching two resource 'bars' (energy AND upper hand) to get your heals off...and its probably requires the lowest of margin of error compared to other healing classes.

In terms of solo-ability I've found the Sniper to be a nightmare at times - not only because you're so cover-dependent, but also because your first tank companion becomes increasingly useless as the levels goes on, making almost every fight literally a fight for survival...sure it keeps things interesting but its mostly down to imbalances if anything.
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12.30.2011 , 08:22 PM | #19
Out of lvl 47 Assassin and lvl 47 Maradaur, i have to say that the Maradaur is extremely hard in comparison.

Done quests at lvl 44 with the Assassin that in no way i could finish with my lvl 47 Maradaur.

ZakPreston's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 09:24 PM | #20
Marauder/Sentinel, especially Carnage/Combat spec in PvP.

No stuns, no pushbacks, 1 gap closer only and really low total dps 'cause of low uptime on target.