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The DPS Project. -Submit your Screen Shots!-

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The DPS Project. -Submit your Screen Shots!-

Crommi's Avatar

04.22.2012 , 03:44 PM | #21
Updated results for me:

Name: Crommi
Class: Guardian
Spec: Vigilance 2/33/6
DPS: 1297 class-buffed, 1399 fully-buffed

Gear breakdown:
4x Campaign / Black Hole
9x Rakata (some with Columi enhancement due to Rakata set having excessive accuracy by default)
4x Might Augment
Matrix Cube (as per rules)

Screenshot of gear and DPS:

Priority list:
Master Strike (full) > Sundering Strike > Plasma Brand > Overhead Slash > Blade Storm
Using Saber Throw and Combat focus as needed.

Notes: Basically I did two runs, first with the setup and buffs that I consider to be in line with the intention of this topic and second run using all the buffs apart from adrenals which were clearly not allowed. Also adjusted my rotation, seems like full 3 second channel of Master Strike is the way to go, just make sure you keep using Sundering Strike often as possible to sustain your rotation.

Nanarchist's Avatar

04.24.2012 , 06:28 PM | #22
Name: Killeen
Class: Powertech
Spec: Pyrotech (7/3/31)
DPS: 1463
Screenshots :

Some rakata, some columi and 2 BM implants. Matrix cube with BM relic (not used during the fight).
Fully class buffed with lvl 49 blue stim.

Some tries get me to 1500+, others to ~1400 depending on crits and PPA procs
Killeen Spree - Spécialiste - Battle Meditation

Poostabby's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 09:15 AM | #23
Name: Clic
Class: Imperial Agent (Sniper)
Spec: Full Lethality
DPS: 1424
Screenshots: STATS-

This is self buffed only. Here is another sample after altering/practicing rotation. Feels like I have a good rotation down. Main thing is max uptime on WB culls and dot refreshes while including orbitals in every two cull rotation block. 3-4 minute parse is probably a very good time sample for effective dps due to current ops mechanics IMO. Simple rotation thats pretty forgiving allowing the application of dots on the move. Seems to work best for me.

pureeffinmetal's Avatar

04.26.2012 , 04:34 AM | #25
Name: Fallschirmjager
Class: Sorcerer
Specc: 3/31/7
DPS: 1433
Screenie (w/Gear):
Lightning Sorcerer
The Shadowlands (Formerly Shadow Hand)

Rafkin's Avatar

04.28.2012 , 06:48 PM | #26
I'm a little disappointed the melee are not much higher than the ranged. A couple hundred points higher on a stationary target and never getting knocked backed means on a love raid mon the ranged classes are probably way above the melee.

theworldends's Avatar

04.28.2012 , 08:04 PM | #27
Managed to get in a quick test with full class buffs before the raid a couple days ago -
Class/Spec - Assault Vanguard
Stats/Gear - all rakata, some black hole and augments

DPS: 1400 (dipped just below while i took the screenshot)

EDIT: re-tested after 1.2.2 plasma cell fix
DPS: 1600

Suryi's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 06:47 AM | #28
Full Rakata except pants, removed most of the original enhancements for power/surge or crit/surge ones. 2nd relic is Plasma Burst Device.
Prototype Hyper-Battle Reflex stim + all buffs

Tactics: 8/31/2
1325 dps
Bear in mind that I don't really know the optimal rotation for Tactics, it's just what I got out of fiddling around with the spec

Assault: 8/5/28
1500 dps
Edit: Currently there's a bug regarding our Plasma Cell DoT which makes for a fair dps loss. It should tick once as soon as it is applied by our filler (Ion Pulse) or by our "auto-attack" but that doesn't happen, effectively doing 2/3 of it's intended damage. here's a screen with the dot ticking twice over its 6 sec duration w/o critting (took a while to get both ticks to not crit D: )

Moknicorra's Avatar

05.01.2012 , 09:45 AM | #29
Name: Moknicorra
Class: Bounty Hunter
Spec: Arsenal 7/31/3
DPS: 1334 (so close :3)

Gear is 6 lvl 146 pieces(ear, 1 implant, offhand, relic(not actively used for the test), belt and bracers), rest is rakata(or tioneese with the rakata mods in them for aesthetic reasons)

aesirize's Avatar

05.02.2012 , 03:25 AM | #30
Name: Aeser
Class: Sniper
Spec: Mark/Eng 25/16/0
DPS: 1276 (10m parse)
Gear: Full Rakata Field Tech modded.
Buffs: Mark of Power , Unnatural Might, Coordination
Target: Operation Boss Dummy