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Snap Turn vs. Koiogran Turn?

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06.25.2014 , 03:24 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by tunewalker View Post
Yes lets make the inferior ship even more inferior sounds great.

My preference would just bring K-turn CD down, Snap turn is still better to use, but K turn now has a reason to exist. Power dive would still be superior for its ability to be used as a Suedo Travel Power.
I'm saying K-turn needs to be buffed, unless the devs intend for it to be outright inferior to Snap Turn.

I personally wouldn't mind if K-turn was moved down to a 10 second cooldown. It would buff the Strikes, and it would give a quick cooldown missile-break to those who don't like the high-risk of using Power Dive.
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06.26.2014 , 03:58 AM | #12
i find Snap Turn can lend itself to a lot of cool, tactical moves. not least of which can be luring enemies back towards friendly gunships in TDM
(OT: is there such a thing as a 'friendly' gunship? or just gunships that can't shoot you?)
i find Koiogran Turn gets me dead.

for two things supposedly "identical", my experience is somewhat skewed.

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06.26.2014 , 04:58 AM | #13
I'm somewhat inclined to agree with Nem- Koi Turn being a 10 sec CD could be justified. It's not as strong a travel skill as Power Dive (read: not a travel skill at all) and has a very obvious animation.

One thing to counterbalance that, though, is maybe remove Koi Turn from the t1 and t2 scouts. It's a much lower risk move than Power Dive, and I think giving those scouts more missile breaks could be a dangerous proposition. Spending Koi Turn on a whim is much less risk for the same reward, compared to potentially reloading your secondary ammo with Power Dive- You may not always be in a situation where you can safely Power Dive out of a missile lock.
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