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Pike and Starguard need more components

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Pike and Starguard need more components

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06.28.2014 , 11:12 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
While amusing, you can't really be implying that this is your most effective hangar.
Actually 3 strikes is my most effective hangar. Possibly because they're closest in handling to the fighters I fly in 'serious' flight sims and so I get more benefits from the hundreds, or possibly a few thousand hours of virtual flight time that don't really transfer well (or at all in some cases) to the other ship classes.

I can do about as well in a scout, though the only one I'd say I really like is the type one.

Gunships I cordially detest, though I might be more forgiving if I thought of them as artillery instead of as ships. To be a bit more clear, I like having them in GSF as long as I'm not the one that has to fly them, if operating a gunship can be called flying.

In some ways the tactical thinking you have to do for the bombers is the best combat flight experience in GSF. However, I have combat flight sims where the tactical aspect is done well enough that failing to have a flight plan ready before takeoff (and it's really best to write them out and have them handy for reference) more than doubles your chance of being shot down, so the GSF version seems very underwhelming in comparison.


Why do you think this would just be a buff to strike fighters?

And this change would help all ships equally. So maybe adding a few components would be excellent, eh?

As far as the target friendlies UI window, all ships would have the potential to benefit from it, but I think that strikes could potentially get the most out of it.

In a solo vs solo setting strikes do feel like they lag a bit behind other ship classes, especially for beginner pilots. In a team vs team setting they seem to hold their own just fine. I think they'll get a disproportionate benefit from any changes that facilitate team flying.

My chief criticism though, was that making the listed components available to strike fighters would be for the most part ineffective at making offensive power as readily accessible to them as it is to other ship classes in the circumstances that those ship classes are designed to excel in.

The truth is when people complain about strike performance it's a mix of two issues. There's not a clear specialized role for strike fighters, and in that non-existent specialized role strikes don't outperform other ships by a substantial margin when performance is measured by the ability to efficiently massacre all the other classes of ships.

The components don't address the ambiguity of purpose for strikes. They also don't come together in a way that gives strikes a clear unfair advantage against the other ship classes in certain situations that are reasonably easy to create in a GSF match.

For the first we need a map where you have to blow up Death Stars with proton torpedoes and escape the resulting explosion (needing to escape is how you rule out bombers and gunships).

For the second: a little bit more boost endurance, a little bit more turning performance, and a smaller difference in the ease of creating on demand burst damage compared to other ship classes.

Certainly the type one strikes could use one of the two good short range laser cannons. The omission was one of those quirky GSF design decisions where you wonder what they were thinking, or if they were using the Dartboard of Random Design instead of thinking.

Other than that, adding component options to the strikes is going to be like adding paint jobs. Nice to be sure, but not a source of significant performance improvements. TT and/or BO for the systems slot on a type 3 strike is the only other exception I can think of, and if you did that they would be type 3s anymore.
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