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The Tao of the Bloodmark

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06.27.2014 , 01:37 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Nemarus View Post
Both of these can be done much better with a T1 Scout with Booster Recharge and/or Shield-to-Engine converter.

And I find that giving Tensor Field to allies in TDM usually just leads to them rushing into the enemy's half of the map and getting swarmed. Sometimes the slowest teams, which can't easily go off and wander far from each other, do the best in TDM.
I have the same build on a T1, and it gets rocket pods which is a big boon for damage. With this all being the case I will still choose the T3 (because I like it a lot)

Tensor may not be valuable to a bad team or pugs, but in a coordinated group it helps just about everything. Also, from experience a T3 working with a T2 (or multiples) is very dangerous (if they know how to stick together)
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06.27.2014 , 05:28 PM | #12
hehe, awesome discussion going on. thanks for the input!
nice to find some others who enjoy their Bloodmarks

I went up against one bloke in a T3 scout last night. For reasons best known to themselves, they went with repair drone (fine) and Sensor Beacons (plural, they had two of them out).

First Sensor Beacons I've destroyed in a game in, ooh, four months.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nemarus View Post
Both of these can be done much better with a T1 Scout with Booster Recharge and/or Shield-to-Engine converter.
that's pretty subjective.
yes, if you want a 'boost forever' build then either booster recharge or s-e/c are 'better' than T-field for that purpose.
but t-field can certainly help get the job done if you're hunting power-ups at the start of a match.

I've significantly altered my Blackbolt build recently to EMP/Thermites for giving bombers fits in Domination matches. The new build does THAT job very well, sadly it now sucks balls in TDM (and flying a blackbolt with neither booster recharge or s-e/c is a weird, weird experience).

Quote: Originally Posted by Odacervicix View Post
I started trying some different component combinations, but ultimately settled on builds using Tensor Field, Repair Drones, Laser Cannon with Range, Thermite Torpedo, and Power Dive. I found these builds to be very good at hit and run attacks, as well as attacking bombers. There are builds of the blackbolt/novadive that are better at hit and run, but they lack the utility that the type 3 scout brings. And you canít run away and heal yourself when you take some damage during an attack run.
Yeah, so a type 2 scout will tear you apart. Iíve been looking for a ship that can handle a type 2 scout since December. Other than the very specialized circumstances of a minelayer under the node or switching to my own type 2 scout, I still havenít found one. So just be aware of that, and use tensor to run away.
The T1/T2 scouts are 'better' at hit and run attacks as they have Rocket Pods (or Clusters) as secondaries which fire off or lock on far faster than Thermites or EMP missiles.

But a Bloodmark can get the job done. It just requires a little more thought and planning.

If you're after a ship to demolish T2 scouts, try any of your current favourite builds using the Wingman (+20% Accuracy) co-pilot ability to cut through their evasion.