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Which server is the most competitive and/or most active for GSF?

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Which server is the most competitive and/or most active for GSF?

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06.25.2014 , 04:51 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Naz_Palehorse View Post
I haven't found this to be the case. I've been playing around on different servers lately because, like the OP, I want to find a good one for GSF. First four games on TEH were half a dozen fully upgraded bombers and T2 scouts utterly destroying 7 brand new players and one with a third ship. They capped all three satellites and then started killing us at the spawn points. None of the games since then were any better.

Mainly, what I've found playing on Bastion, Harbinger, Begeren Colony, and Ebon Hawke is that none of them are actually any different in this respect. You're either on the team that's stomping noobs, or you're on the team with all the noobs getting stomped. Then in late afternoon you're either on the team with the premade stomping everyone, or you're on the team getting stomped by the premade.
No one can guarantee the behavior of an entire server's population at all hours. All I can say is that on TEH, there is a rather large contingent of veterans, on both sides, who will pull punches against lesser foes. Some due it out of some sense of sportsmanship--some do it just so that the queues keep popping (think of it as sustainable farming). Even in a single match, defending a 2-cap has a higher chance of giving you more req per minute than defending a 3-cap (since there's a 50% chance your node will get attacked, rather than a 33% chance).

That being said, sometimes if an enemy team is so bad, they straight up can't take a node even if it's not defended.

Often times, we won't know how skilled a team is going to be, and we'll send out Scouts to all three nodes. If we use Tensor Field, then that often means we'll have an initial three cap right off the bat. And yet even after we abandon the defenses of one node, the enemy team will fail to capture it... sometimes they won't even attack it. They just keep streaming toward one of the two nodes we are defending.

All that being said, if someone 3-capped and then camped your spawn, they're jerks. Feel free to call out that kinda crap in [Gsf].
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