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Itís time to make HK-55 and Chapter 10 available for subs??

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Itís time to make HK-55 and Chapter 10 available for subs??
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05.30.2019 , 01:23 PM | #621
Quote: Originally Posted by Jozandra View Post
What a bunch of bunk!

No, you did not pay $210 for HK-55 and the bonus chapter. First, you are conveniently forgetting the 500cc you got each month as a sub. Second, you are also forgetting to adjust the price for your premium game time that you played during those months. Yes, you were rewarded for your financial loyalty, but ultimately, the incessant need for keeping this amongst the "elite" demonstrates how pitifully insecure certain people are.

If the original promotion said those bonuses would never be available to other players in the future then that would certainly call into question how trustworthy this company is with regards to its word. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this is just a game and that as owners of this game's content, they are the ones who are really entitled to make changes to content and promotional material if they see it as financially favorable to make those items available again. That is simply their prerogative.

To the developers and anyone in the position to decide if this will be made available again, please know that I have no problem maintaining a subscription if the bonus content required similar sub requirements. On the other hand, should you choose to sell the HK-55 w/bonus chapter for a one time fee of more than 2000cc, please know that it would fail to inspire me to spend extra cash for it, and loss of incentive to maintain my sub would end up leaving the door open to the idea of taking breaks from this game.
In this case, I will retract my 'bowing out' post and I think I will be forgiven...

My dear Jozandra,

The deliciously delightful, and delectably deceptive Drenovade wrote that post in the spirit of parody. You two are on the same page.

Warmest regards,

Dastardly Dasty

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06.17.2019 , 06:39 PM | #622
Quote: Originally Posted by IoNonSoEVero View Post
I don't really hang out here now, but I wanted to offer my support for bringing back the HK-55 content. One, because we're so starved for story this year. Two because I miss HK.

My suggestions would be:

1. Offer it for the same terms as the original offer; ie, being subscribed for the exact same length of time. Let people know this is coming (as you did with the Paxton promotion) so they can jump in. OR price it like the HK-51 quest chain in the Cartel Market.

2. For those who already have HK-55 content, offer some sort of substantial reward instead so there aren't so many hurt feelings. I think with the Shae and Nico promotion, older subs were upset because they didn't get anything. This needs to be something that is more than a speeder or pet that people will actually use. Obviously not story content, or we'll be right back here in a few years. Maybe one or more of the following:

- A 'gift certificate' for a premium weapon, creature companion or set of armor of their choice

- A generous Cartel Coin grant

- A special title indicating they were here first.
You dont hang out here, but you post everyday on forums. Yeah that is funny. Amazing what looking at someones post history you can learn from.
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