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Scoundrel Story

ambardekotu's Avatar

05.14.2016 , 06:44 PM | #1

I am kinda new to SWTOR. Have been playing for 1 year occasionally only. I mostly prefer ranged classes and i only play pve. So far i have been levelling a sorc to level 34, a sage to level 20 and a sniper to level 25. And then i got bored of the rotation and stopped playing them. I like the stories (except consular) but got bored of my characters and the rotations.

Then i made a Scoudrel and i am having a blast and i realize why. First i can do different rotations not slways the same. I can play ranged or melee and lastly i dont feel i have the whole weight of the galaxy to be saved on my shoulder.

When i started playing swtor, scou drel was the last on my pecking order but it ends being the class i enjoy most.

However it is more difficult to level than the other classes and takes time to master (spec scrapper). I just left ord mantel and i just cant stop playing.

Is the smuggler story that good until the end (i just arrived on coruscant)?

HaoZhao's Avatar

05.22.2016 , 03:27 AM | #2
Smuggler story is fine in chapter 1. It gets really dry after that, IMO.

Scrapper is really fun and it only gets more fun as you level up. Good luck!