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Some thoughts on possible Operative DPS changes

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Some thoughts on possible Operative DPS changes

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07.04.2016 , 12:54 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Greezt View Post
First of all, I disagree with your first point. Sage healers do not need peels from a single op, unless that op is exceptional and they are sub-par. I wouldn't say I ignore a single op as a healer, but I wouldn't say a single op can prevent me from healing my teammates either. You can stun me quite often, but that's it. Your burst is easily countered by trivial heals, and wandering mend/salvation heal my team without my even trying. You have to be careful to avoid my bubble stun, and PW/force speed/root knockback provide more than adequate kiting tools. No, I wouldn't ignore you, but a well played mara/PT/merc will cause much more damage to my healing. Even without CC.

You see ops as an objective class. That's fine, but it's unfair to both other classes and ops themselves. Unfair to other classes, because they will always be at a disadvantage against an equally skilled op in a warzone. Unfair to ops themselves, because it limits their play to certain tactics only, as opposed to any other class (which can do them all in varying degrees of success).

Not all classes need to be equal, but giving other classes more equal footing objective-wise, and giving ops more in ways of dps and other skillsets is a good idea in my opinion.

As a side note - op skill ceiling is high for best performance, but at medioce preformance you still have over the top survivability. Adjusting this so that survivability requires more awareness and rewards good players with higher dps would be a welcome change both to people who enjoy playing ops, and to people who enjiy whining about them.
I'm starting to think as far as the healing discussion goes, depends on varying levels of experience and is very situational. I can see it's pretty far fetched to say that a good sage healer is stopped dead in his tracks by a single operative but it's certainly possible and (I'm trying to have this debate without adding in personal experience because it turns into a whole deal of issues from what I've seen and I'm just not sure how to bring the point across anymore because it's just a very opiniated topic that can go both ways, however: ) from my experience as a guy who's played this class since what feels like the beginning of time and a dude who thinks he has half a clue every now and then; I have made very good healing sorcerers and sages call for peels and stop what they are doing to deal with me. Maybe it's just a matter of the build and the amount of time spent learning everything I don't know.

From the outside looking in, is an operative viewed as a dps role and no other doing well? I'd agree with this whole thing that they could be improved, though also is working. But I also feel that the operative survivabilty thing is kind of interesting because sure anybody can pick up the class and roll and be a tank for those 3 seconds but it's a matter of do it right, which can be applied to anything of course. Point is that anyone can roll, but it takes the good awareness to roll away something like an ambush or thundering blast or any of that while you're fighting the dude or fighting someone else. The awareness is needed for it to work already. I think that changing something could end up harming us in the long run because we depend on this roll to live and all it takes is one stun to lock us down and blow us up. Adding something to require more awareness and timing and all that could be the start of putting the nail in the coffin.

The whole deal with objectives I can say sure yknow, from my point of view operatives never followed the rules and always helped the objective game but if there was a way to even out operative dps with other classes and how they play tacticallty I'd support it.
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