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December Procrastinators Preorders In Here!

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December Procrastinators Preorders In Here!

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12.16.2011 , 01:13 AM | #10101
Thanks Kreated. I'm really anxious to play. Anyone know how many Pre-Order dates they're doing per day?
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12.16.2011 , 01:14 AM | #10102
Hello`s 13 dec here ^^
Hoping to get in tonight atleast (08.11 in the morning now here)

youst did lfr..(in desperation) that other game that will fall into the bin as soon i can get my hands om my Guardian :-)


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12.16.2011 , 01:14 AM | #10103
Quote: Originally Posted by Lickwids View Post
I like the post, "This will sound in my funeral".

The tune is: Star Wars IV-A New Hope Ending Theme

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12.16.2011 , 01:14 AM | #10104
I used the username troywahl101, any admin of that guild portal can accept my invite?

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12.16.2011 , 01:15 AM | #10105
is it just me or does the sith guy that gets killed by apprentice in the cinematic with the smuggler and all that jazz, doesnt he oddly resemble a red samuel jackson?

December Crew

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12.16.2011 , 01:15 AM | #10106
Quote: Originally Posted by Pelligea View Post
Dear Bioware Customer Service,

I would like to address a couple items which I think could have been handled much better. After all, the customer service is not having the best of times these days (in my opinion) with the launch of SW:TOR. A little background for some historical insight as to where I am coming from. I joined your website in December 2009 (I believe at least a year plus after its launch, yet still over two years ago). I instantly, when I noticed the opportunity to test, applied for your Beta program. Hoping to get a taste of the game as soon as possible, as well as also help you in the development of the game. Even if used solely as just another number in a massive stress test. Yet due to circumstances, which are no fault of yours in any way, I missed the Beta invites, which I did receive after the opportunity had passed. One of those "Geez, just my luck moments in life." I then pre-ordered the game on the 8th of December. Immediately, after receiving the confirmations, entered my pre-launch codes. I have been playing games for a long time, having played or at least tried a large number. From the times of Ultima Online's beginnings to the present, I have tested and been around to see much of the industry as it was defined, developed, and improved. I have been happy to be involved in either the testing or launching of countless new games. Even if they did not retain my business, I have enjoyed seeing how each company approached the process. Some have done exceptional, and some have fallen far short.

Back to where I am today. Launching a game is an immense task, and the game you have, would (I am sure) come along with many unknown variables. Such as estimating not just those customers who are considered gamers, Bioware return business, but also those who you have been blessed to gain just from the 30 plus years of the Star Wars fan base. I can see that making an educated guess at how to be fully prepared for the influx of customers could be off by a large amount. In-depth research and analytical thinking could still leave you ill prepared for such a situation. And I have no issues with this possibility in any manner.

Having said all that, I have felt like we have, through this Early Access process, been simply just another number in an estimation or pie chart. (please read on this does not retain that tone) My feelings have become that your targets numbers are exceeded and to lose a portion does not hurt the goals. I have seen much of the complaining as well as those holding hope on the forums. I have been a part of that community and tried to sit and remain patient. I watched as you had a group which was openly ridiculed as "Procrastinating", embrace the fact that they needed to just take it and remain patient. Those people, who ordered in December, became a bright spot on your forums. Trying not to complain or fall for the trolling which enjoys inciting others. We spent hours just talking and retaining our humor, and self-deprecation. But today, in not getting in, really allowed me the time to reflect on these past few days. It simply struck me as a horrible Customer Service mistake. To take one week of your pre-order customers and leave them out of today's invites was a lost opportunity by you to begin to heal some of the damage this past week has created.

I have seen the argument that the "wave" process of inviting pre-orders has been known for some time. I have read mild attempts to get people to read the fine-print more carefully. "Up to 5 days". As well as seen the disgusting insults of illiteracy. I understood that there was not a guarantee of when access would be given and I am not here to second guess the entire wave process. It was your approach to a huge undertaking, and you're entitled to design and develop how you plan to address the process. In honesty, kudos for taking a different approach regardless of the outcome. It showed foresight and problem-solving and I appreciate that. What I do think was misjudged horribly has been your community and customer base as a whole. By hiding plans or goals, you have underestimated and slighted those you hope to build a ongoing relationship with.

There has been very little or no transparency through this past week. If you take a customer and keep them hanging on waiting, you are simply implying that they are not able to cope or understand. You should have (In my opinion) taken this wave process and given out details of your aspirations and left caveats. Simple example:

" We plan on starting the waves of invites Tuesday. Rest assured that there is no guarantee as we cannot foresee all the issues which can arise in such a launch, no matter how prepared. So please keep in mind these estimations are fluid and may change throughout the week. We will keep it updated on a consistent basis. Please check back for updates frequently. Your pre-order time is based on when you registered your pre-order code, not on your purchase date. If you have issues with that code, please contact customer service.
Tuesday - we hope to get through the initial influx of pre-orders possibly just reaching early August
Wednessday - we aim to attempt to reach the end of September pre-orders
Thursday - we aim to try to get through to the first week of December
Friday- finish up with the last invites
Please keep in mind that there were many spikes in sales that made the time-period of pre-order sales skewed. Original opportunity to buy, around the time of beta testing, and getting close to the holidays as well as launch have all seen an increase of sales that will make the date ranges invited in the waves be very uneven. Thank you so much for taking on this undertaking with us, and we cannot wait to grow this new community with you."

Now I know this may a simple approach, but to allow your customers to be prepared for what is to come, you are telling them what to expect. And having the huge age range of customers that I am sure the Star Wars genre offers, it would have allowed you mature customers (regardless of age) to be fully prepared and offer them with the feeling that they are the part of the launch.

As it did happen you had some people, I am not one, who scheduled time off work to play, and ended up waiting on the possibility to play. You allowed people to take vacation days, make other arrangements and let them down. Yes, yes, yes, I have seen the insults and trolling. People who take vacation days or make arrangements to play a video game are this and that. But seriously people work and earn those rewards and are entitled to take them as they please. People make arrangements for entertainment in many forms all the time. I have myself gone out-of-town just to go watch a professional sports team, it was a two day trip for a couple hours of entertainment. And I know I am not alone. Entertainment of all forms is a right wherever you choose to find that entertainment. I am not claiming it was their right to play. But it was their right to have some idea of when they would be given that opportunity. Instead of the keeping them in the dark, basically saying "You simply are not able to understand what we are doing, so for your best interest we feel it is best not to let you know the details." This is my only problem.

Yes, being left out today has allowed me the time to reflect on this process. It has given me the chance to say where I feel there were clear mistakes made. And my hope is this. I do not want ANYTHING. I am not looking for a midnight invite. I don't want any free time. I don't personally want a thing. My hope is that you take this email, and learn from it. Apply this simply to your next endeavor if it is for updates to SW:TOR or a completely new project. Simply take the criticism constructively and try a new approach to transparency with your customers and see how much more rewarding it could be. It is just an opportunity to have foresight into creating not just number customers but truly create a community of customers.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my thoughts. I hope all goes well from this point forward.


I know I lost my Decemberist card
all i can say is LOLZ,, no way i was gonna bother reading that

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12.16.2011 , 01:15 AM | #10107
Only info i have seen is this so far:

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12.16.2011 , 01:15 AM | #10108
Quote: Originally Posted by TheFox_ReDux View Post
Then Port Nowhere will be the HQ of December Dawn as well. We will talk about maybe having a pitch fight somewhere on someday.
Pitch or ***** fight?

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12.16.2011 , 01:16 AM | #10109
i am now waiting for a email to activate my procrastinator account and the one from bioware for my game
heh heh hehe

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12.16.2011 , 01:16 AM | #10110
what time will they begin the new waves?