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heroic 2 for the records

mbudice's Avatar

06.10.2016 , 11:43 AM | #1
does anyone now how to disarm the security for the records room I went from top to bottom tables first and then went to other side and done them the same way but it doesn't show up anything afterwards.

Shayddow's Avatar

01.20.2020 , 02:22 PM | #2
I'd like to know too. I've tried all combinations with the records vault security:

Nothing works.
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01.20.2020 , 03:30 PM | #3
I don't know if this still applies, but, from a write-up:
Disarm the Banking Records Vault Security: There are four consoles inside the room, two on either side. You must deactivate the first pair before moving forward to disable the next pair. You will need to coordinate a bit with your group member to hit the two consoles at roughly the same time.

So, unless it's changed, you should do this with another person (+ 2 companions).
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01.21.2020 , 06:45 PM | #4
I saw someone doing it solo on youtube, however, I was not able to achieve the same results, using the same sequence.
Shekkel,75 Nimrossa, 75 |Ebon Hawk
Shassella, 74 Barzella, 70 | Begeran
Adonnah, 70 Kydosh, 70 |Harbinger
Tashha, 75 Svgon, 75 and too many others to list here

Iymurra's Avatar

01.21.2020 , 09:28 PM | #5
This is the Heroic 2 on Makeb right?

From what I remember (its been around 4 to 6 years since I soloed it) you have to hit all the consoles within a short time frame. To accomplish this you need to position yourself between two consoles on one side, hit one then the other, then use a movement ability to shift to the other side and use the other two consoles.

Abilities that I know work: Operative/Sniper Roll, Mad Dash, Merc Rocket Jump, Force Speed.
Things that I think work: Hydraulic Overrides, Predation, Phase Walk.

You can also just find a second person on the fleet or on makeb itself to run the heroic 2. It is a heroic, they give okayish rewards.

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01.22.2020 , 02:35 AM | #6
This was always only possible solo if you were very fast because each button has a timer and all need to be pressed before the first timer ends.

It is meant for 2 people but one person can do it.

IIRC back in the day while clicking you should be setting up camera to get moving instantly to next.

What are people doing heroics for these days anyway.

Aight, just did it, identical to what it always was except you can now walk into the gas chamber with GSI healing probes.

You need nothing special, no speed boosts, no cooldowns, no companion. Just an awareness of what to click and what to stand on.

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