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Sorc execution

Xargas's Avatar

03.24.2018 , 03:07 AM | #1
I'm doing mostly PvP, and I do notice that we lack some kind of boost there compared to my Assassin, I have no idea about PvE. My soultion is a bit minor but It can help, what if Force Lightning did increase damage by some % when the target below 35%. You can add some animation to it too, that would be pretty cool. And I am sure it will affect PvE in a good way also. I did some posts same as few others about survivability, but that's not what they have in mind. Well, at least give us the option to finish off what already should be deadThank you get seven days free with this referral link

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03.24.2018 , 08:06 PM | #2
Madness has a passive that makes all 3 of your DoTs 15% stronger when enemy is below 30% HP, so there is that.

Execute skills are nice and imo every class should have one, so I agree with you here. Currently 4 classes have a separate execute skill and other 4 have either some passive or nothing at all.
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03.29.2018 , 12:17 PM | #3
my redesign of lightning uses an execute :P
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