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Lethality: Question on Toxic Blast & Lethal Strike

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Lethality: Question on Toxic Blast & Lethal Strike

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03.22.2019 , 01:48 PM | #1
I had a question regarding the timing on using Lethal Strike with Toxic Blast applied.

A lot of times in my opening rotation I end up getting lethal strike out just after toxic blast expires, so I was wondering: would I still gain the extra damage benefit if I *activated* the ability while TB was up but TB expired before the poison part hit? To my knowledge the hit order on lethal strike is normal melee followed by internal poison.
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03.29.2019 , 09:47 AM | #2
Yeah, it's impossible to have TB up with all 3 DoTs during the opener, AFAIK.

Here's a tricky bit you can try:
If you have fresh applications of Dart and CG on your target, next apply Toxic Blast, then stealth out. Then hit your target with Lethal Strike+raid buff+adrenal, then hit Corrosive Assault 3x times (5x with pugnacity & holotraverse). If you're in PVE, you might steal aggro from a tank with this


I wrote this part below because I misunderstood you at first. Maybe it will help someone else reading this.

So Lethal Strike grants Augmented Toxins which increases the damage of your actual DoTs. Toxic Blast triggers additional weapon damage per tick of of a DoT, and during Corrosive Assault. Use Lethal Strike on CD to keep as much uptime on Augmented Toxins as possible. Lethal Strike does not cause a DoT unless it is used from stealth. Corrosive Assault should be used as much as feasible while Toxic Blast is applied.

In other words,
Lethal Strike = use on CD
Toxic Blast = use with Corrosive Assault
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