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Ranged Ruffian / Lethality

Cuiwe's Avatar

11.12.2017 , 12:06 PM | #1
What do you say about that idea? I mean, the only thing after opener that keeps it melee is Whip / Shiv. And doesn't have to be melee. Not at all. Some kind of Overload Shot UH / TA building mechanism or something ranged for UH / TA would be nice imo.

What do you think?
(it'd still be 10-15m)
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Dryg's Avatar

11.13.2017 , 05:09 PM | #2
Overload Shot does pretty much the same damage, a utility to swap functionality with Shiv would be nice and Leathal strike could just be 10m.

Equeliber's Avatar

11.14.2017 , 04:03 AM | #3
If devs were to make a pure midrange spec, Lethality is definitely the best choice. Just make overload shot work as Shiv (generate TA stack with same 6sec cooldown) and then we have just Lethal strike that requires 4m range. Change animation for that, make it 10m and that's it.

Question is, why do even need that? These midrange ideas for PT have been around for a while and imo PT Is not suitable for it. Some ranged attacks don't mean it should be all ranged.

Lethality though definitely feels like a midrange spec and apart from Shiv and LS already basically plays like one.

But don't think it will ever happen and I personally don't mind.