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Spoils of War Livestream Recap

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Spoils of War Livestream Recap
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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06.03.2019 , 02:59 PM | #101
First, let me just say that I'm very pleased with these upcoming changes and can't wait to hit PTS to take some of this new gear for a test run. Now that we have some idea about the new armor sets, hopefully those of us who wish to make suggestions, will now be in a better position to provide contribution.

I have what will likely be a major QoL issue for those of us who have several personal or legacy cargo bays chock full of mats of every grade and description. I am thrilled about the implementation of storage exclusively for mats. My only concern is the amount of time it will take to move mats from personal and guild storage bays into the new mats storage area. Is this process going to be automated down in Austin for us? I for one would greatly appreciate that!

Are there any plans to spread the set bonus love to relics, implants, ears and main and off-hand weapons?

Given that bolster will now give all players the highest gear level, does this mean that there will no longer be nerfs made to character abilities/powers because one class is regarded as too powerful? Could this lead to some prior nerfs being de-nerfed?

Lastly, I want to say how much I approve of dropping the Galactic Command name and replacing it with Renown. Galactic Command was a poor name because we weren't making any command decisions. The use of the word renown is far better because it better translates into meaning reputation/bragging rights.

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06.04.2019 , 01:00 PM | #102
Kind of agree with many of the comments posted by crafters in this thread. Just as today (and for a long time) crafters have not been able to create endgame gear, they are also not getting much love in this 6.0 expansion. Masterwork gear crafting is behind the MM and NiM operations paywall, Main/offhand is behind Ranked PVP paywall, the lower tier GEMINI 248 (gold) cannot be crafted at all, and the only useful endgame items for most crafters are the gold 240 augments and augmentation kits. There is absolutely no way to “play your way” as a crafter *only* in SWTOR.

Also I understand the viewpoint of progression raiders and ranked PVPers. They worked long and hard to get their gear to the point where they can complete/compete in this content. But forcing everyone to do this content just to get crafting mats kills the crafting player base. I know many players who don’t bother with crafting at all as a result. It is simply not viable for gearing.

Along these lines, I would ask a question/ offer a suggestion: Why are Assembly Components the only craftable “mat”?

Right now, all schematics are a mix of assembly components and some other mats only available in PVE/PVP/conquest content. If there existed a way to craft assembly components into (as an example) refined isotope stabilizers, craft refined isotopes into charged matter transubstantiators, etc. it would allow for “crafting progression,” just like operations and PVP progression today. You craft all the hard to obtain mats, and after a long and hard struggle, tada - you too make a hard won endgame piece. Maybe to impose difficulty, you could put the schematics as a rare drop on reverse engineering based on Renown level. It seems to me crafting could be made viable with some ability for progression towards endgame gearing.
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06.04.2019 , 07:42 PM | #103
I really like the idea of having gear item rating drops. Seeing say 256, 258, 260, 262 gear if you are wearing a combo of 252, 258 would be very nice. However, if it is going to go like Anthem gearing I don't think we will be happy. If it goes the way it has been going getting 15 relics that no one would even think of wearing ever then it will fail as well.

That if it goes as you are saying then I think we will really like it, but only if it doesn't become useless. RNG Protection is nice, but could be a money sink. I don't want that. GC had one nice thing that should be kept and that is Charles points are or should be unassembled scraps. THESE should be used to buy the gear you want or the gear mod you want without having it to be random. I like buying the gear I want straight up. I earn the currency I spent it on what I want and not on chance.

I don't want anything to be free, but i also dont want to go on for months on end to gear up one toon to max. Took months to get full 248 and i still do not have a toon that is in full 258 going on five months now.

I have high hopes that this will work great. My expectation is that it will be too involved to even bother.

PVP love the new bolster being at max gear stat rating. Max stats max augment stats and that the only thing that will be different is the set bonuses, tactical mods, and amps making you more powerful. I want to naked PVP with empty shells if I want to or PVP in green gear. I played Tera online and their PVP is everyone is a panda. This is something that should have been in place for a long time and the perfect example is Overwatch. No gear at all.

Drops, Renown, crafting, vendors, RNG rerolling is a very nice combo, but only if it is not a pain to us, but too easy either.

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