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A good game , but ...

Erdling's Avatar

03.19.2020 , 05:03 AM | #1
The first thing I have to say is that I am an absolute Starwars fan, and I have been doing so since the 1980s. I also really like SWTOR, but:
bioware has always gone its own way without taking losses into account, regardless of whether the players would like something different or would have had it in a different way.
There are many examples over the years, such as the GSF or playable content etc.
Well, extreme mistakes were also made, just see the start in 2011 as an example.

The game had enormous potential, was predicted from all sides, but nothing was made of it.
Now you are there today, with a team of pure fan boys and a few interested newbies.
You seem to always listen to the wrong players or have no plan of your own game when changes are to come.

here are a few things that need to be changed so that at least the majority of the players find something to enjoy again.

1. more content in a shorter time / will probably not be anything
2. Improve professions, reduce material quantities / no idea why the system was only simplified there with 5.0? about, and now such an extreme was built in
3. Increase the amount of scrap from items or drastically reduce the amount required by dealers. the current level, of course
4. Put the companion on healing back to its origins / the extreme nerf, especially with long CDs, was not required, but an adaptation that all companions should be about the same strength in every role
5. the healer classes have to be rebuilt to their original value / the values ​​have to be increased, not through sets that do not have all classes, but directly
6. The extreme credit costs have to be compensable, or should be reduced / you get tech fragments for the items quickly, but you don't get the necessary change, especially since dropped items hardly have a credit value
7. Lack of real communication between the players and bioware
8. I think there is still room for other things, which I leave to other players ...

The game is great, but all these problems, which are easy and quick to fix, make the game fun very cloudy.

if you now have a different opinion, you should think again carefully, these are unfortunately facts.
Some things will not be noticed by everyone, either because he / she doesn't play a healer himself or not in the high-end area, or has billions of credits. the companions are on 50 and above all you wear 306 endquip yourself. professions may no longer play a role ...

And yes, on 306 a lot of content should be easy or lighter, after all, it is master-mode-end-equip in principle.
of course there are bugs and some things have no balancing, but still these things are so factual.

Since I really like to play this game, I hope to get better soon!
excuse the long text.
a starwars and swtor fan