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Game Update 6.1.1 Conquest Changes

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Game Update 6.1.1 Conquest Changes
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03.02.2020 , 09:10 PM | #11
Imagine not tying Conquest to legacy

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03.02.2020 , 09:40 PM | #12 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Thanks everyone for pointing out that small typo on my end. I can confirm the amount of Solid Resource Matrices will NOT change for the level 71+ group. I made sure to update the original post to better reflect this.
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03.02.2020 , 09:43 PM | #13
All of this seems positive, I just hope that the nerf for exp conversion to conquest exp won’t make it take even longer or be more grindy.
The last changes to conquest really stuffed some of us up and we gave up doing it at all because of it (by increasing the target goals).

I would also like to see some change to make it a little easier for people who don’t have 150% from strong holds. Not everyone wants 8 strong holds or to open up all the rooms.

I personally have 150%, but I only use one strong hold and only have one decorated. While my sister only has 90% boost because she doesn’t play as much to gain the 10’s of millions of credits needed to get to 150%.
This totally puts her off even trying to do conquest and she has basically quit the game over it.

I welcome positive changes. Just make sure this doesn’t negatively affect those at the lower end of the spectrum because you will lose more players, which this game and small guilds can’t afford.

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03.02.2020 , 09:54 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by hulcalan View Post
Imagine not tying Conquest to legacy
Now that would be a great idea.

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03.02.2020 , 09:58 PM | #15
I love it! I look forward to it. However, I don't like the idea that it's not going to PTS, at least a weekend before release just to make sure it doesn't break. Otherwise, sound good to me!
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03.02.2020 , 10:05 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by DanielSteed View Post
Hello everyone!

With the upcoming Game Update 6.1.1, we will be changing how some aspects of Personal Conquests work. Our main goal for these changes is to make Personal Conquests relevant to any character, not just an activity for players at max level. Our second goal was to add some quality of life improvements that help players in the right direction through clearer menu navigation.

More Objectives

We feel the current Personal Conquest system has too high of a reliance on the automatic conversion of EXP to Conquest points. While this is helpful to allow players to experience content of their choosing, players who wanted to focus on their Conquest objectives found themselves lacking enough objectives to meaningfully contribute during a session.

If players were opting to farm the same enemies over and over again to meet their Personal Conquest goal, what does that really say? As we took a step back, we saw this as more of a systemic issue that we wanted to address. Starting with Game Update 6.1.1, the Conquest system will only take base EXP and convert it to Conquest points. Any Experience Boosts will no longer grant additional Conquest points. To counteract this Conquest point deficit, we are adjusting the objectives in a few ways – adding more objectives to various game systems, increasing the repeatability of some objectives, and making them more relevant to your character’s level.

More Repeatable Objectives

Players have expressed frustration with the repeatability of Conquest Objectives, particularly Weekly objectives. Weekly objectives feel frustrating because they can be completed only once on a single character, forcing players to choose which character gets the lucrative amount of Conquest points. We know the preferred solution for players would be to allow conquest completion per character, but unfortunately this is a much larger technical change that cannot be quickly addressed. In the meantime, to address this issue we will be adding more repeatable and Daily objectives to allow greater flexibility in how Personal Conquests can be completed.

Level Relevant Objectives

The way we plan on making Personal Conquests more accessible to all characters, not just ones at end-game content, is by breaking up Conquest objectives into three level ranges: levels 1 – 49, levels 50 – 70, and levels 71+. This way a level 50 character won’t be asked to kill enemies on Ossus or complete a Master Mode Flashpoint. In a couple of days we'll post an update in this thread with a full breakdown of a specific Conquest's Objectives.

Level Relevant Rewards

Currently Personal Conquest rewards are mostly relevant at level 75. As part of creating separate level ranges, we wanted to ensure that the rewards players receive from a Personal Conquest are immediately impactful, no matter your character level. In order to achieve this, we have changed the rewards granted to players, depending on their level range. Players will notice that the rewards at level 71+ are not changing.

Levels 1 - 49
  • Mission EXP boosts
    • These will be a new type of boost. These will offer bonus experience from Missions only and they'll be stackable with other boosts. They will also have a shorter duration of 30 minutes per boost.
  • Companion Gifts
  • Credit Certificate (15k)
  • Gathering Lockbox

Levels 50 - 70
  • Mission EXP boosts
  • Companion Gifts
  • Credit Certificate (20k)
  • Gathering Lockbox
  • Heroic Box (Level Dependent Gear)

Levels 71+
  • Credit Certificate (25k)
  • Gathering Lockbox
  • Solid Resource Matrices
  • Tech Fragments
  • Small Conquest Equipment Crate

These rewards are locked in once the Conquest begins. For example, if a character starts the Conquest at level 45 and reaches level 50 half-way through the week, they will still get rewards for the level 1 - 49 range. The following Conquest will then update to the next tier of rewards. There are no plans to change Guild Invasion rewards.

Better Navigation within Conquests

In order to make progressing towards your Conquest goal simpler, we are introducing a system that will allow you to move from the Personal Conquest window right to your objective. This means if a Conquest objective requires you to complete a specific mission, you'll be able to receive the Mission and travel to the Mission location right from the Personal Conquest window! We can bring you to the specific Flashpoint or Operation required, open up the crafting window for crafting related objectives, or grant you the Mission needed to complete objectives. This will help players get right into the action and prevent issues of not knowing where to go for an objective.

When will these Conquest changes be coming to PTS?

Currently, the changes being implemented with Game Update 6.1.1 will not be making it to PTS. Our upcoming PTS build will instead be focusing on Game Update 6.1.2, which will consist of Master Mode Dxun, new Set Bonuses, and Class changes. Given the nature of these changes, the team would like the hands-on testing focused on these.

With that in mind, what do you think of these quality of life changes? Do you feel like your experience completing Conquests will be improved? Also, are there any activities or content that aren’t properly represented in Conquest objectives currently?

Everything listed above is subject to change based on internal testing as well as player feedback in this thread. We will post an additional update in a couple of days to give an example of what a Conquest’s entire objective list would look like.
Any chance the galactic rampage conquest objective and fully repeatable heroics for points will return?
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03.02.2020 , 10:09 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by DanielSteed View Post

Currently, the changes being implemented with Game Update 6.1.1 will not be making it to PTS. Our upcoming PTS build will instead be focusing on Game Update 6.1.2, which will consist of Master Mode Dxun, new Set Bonuses, and Class changes. Given the nature of these changes, the team would like the hands-on testing focused on these.
To be fair, they don't listen to the playerbase even when they put stuff on the PTS, so nothing of value was lost.
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03.02.2020 , 10:30 PM | #18
Not to mention Solid Resource Matrices are everywhere, Like bugs on Balmorra , they just aren't worth much. They were when they came out, but I would rather have Companion Gifts back.
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03.02.2020 , 11:35 PM | #19
I'd like to chime in with a few things, not all of them are negative but there are some things mentioned that don't sit well with me.

1) Larger guilds don't even need to bat an eyelash at their overall Conquest. They sail to the top of the Large Yield invasion board within a few hours every Tuesday and there they will sit. Same goes for larger/well established guilds that crowd out the Small Yield invasion board. If there could be some way to limit whether Small/Medium/Large Yields are accessible to a guild based on member count would give smaller guilds a chance at actually winning or even appearing on the board at all. I have no clue what the average guild size is so perhaps some kind of census is in order to see what kind of population count - oh, forgot to mention, by Legacy and not by individual toons from the same Legacy - the average guild has. The fact that a guild with over 100+ unique Legacies and active players can invade a Small Yield every week has been bothering me ever since I came back to the game. I'm not sure if this has been a problem the devs have even thought about but I'd like to propose something changes regarding that.

2) The last few weeks have been something interesting. Nothing but "LFM KPF" (Karagga's Palace Farm) on the fleet and endgame chat channels. I liked that you guys said this problem is systemic because it geniunely IS easier to just walk into an operation and farm enemies that drop inflated points, rather than pick and choose what objectives to grant to each of your several toons, which can get complicated if you have lots of toons. You see the symptom as a bigger problem which is that it's not that easy to spread your points out by a lot of your toons every week. That said, some objectives need to be added for sure (already mentioned, which is good) but a few of them should be made either Daily or Infinitely Repeatable; mainly the ones that need this change pertain to completing an Operation, Bonus Bosses on Flashpoints, certain crafting objectives. The 'Donate 10 War Supplies' has GOT to go away, I would never waste 10 of those to 'donate' into the whimsical nothingness for the sake of Conquest. They're time consuming to make as is, even if you have a well set up several crafting toons. All in all, sounds like stuff is being added, which is always a good thing.

3) The point about breaking up Conquest loot based on level is rather poorly argued. My point is that I am TRYING to level the toon and get him/her to 75 for the sake of gearing and being able to participate in endgame content. Most of the loot proposed in the lower brackets is not actually helpful and I would rather keep my well earned Solid Resource Matrices and other fun, shiny stuff. I don't think it's fair to penalize us with LESS because we are of lower level, not cool guys, please "un-fix" that. With reduced rewards useful to ME and my whole Legacy it gives people less incentive to play their lower level toons. Most of those rewards are not that great, unless by "Companion Gifts" you mean gold quality, then that I am ok with.

4) Also mentioned by others is how freakishly expensive the game has become post 6.0 in terms of Credits. I manage to stay afloat and keep a minimum of 10M in my Legacy bay like a responsible adult should, but this game is literally sucking credits out of people and going nowhere and to no one which I suppose is the intent here. I didn't know the credit exploit was a thing until recently and it seems awfully like these changes to the game were meant to punish those people. I wasn't even playing the game when the credit exploit happened. I feel that people stay afloat or gasp - PROFIT off of the Galactic Trade Network mainly by crafting and selling the wares, thiefs who steal people's bank accounts to buy Cartel Coins and sell Cartel Market items for Credits, or whatever other tin-foil hat theory may exist. Point is that there are sharp people out there who shrugged off this global price increase to play the game. They will exist and mercilessly exploit any minor crack or hole in plans to drain the players' Credit accounts. I'm not smart enough to come up with an actual fair means of cracking down on exploits so that innocent players aren't punished - that is your guys' job. Maybe a small change or two to how transactions on the Galactic Trade Network happen. Possibly reduce the imaginary sales tax or eliminate it entirely. Put a freeze on re-listing something you just recently bought off the Galactic Trade Network, kind of like when there's a freeze on Cartel Market purchases before you turn it loose to the Galactic Trade Network.

I'd like to play the game because it is genuinely fun and exciting and not to pretend I'm at my 8-5 job trying to figure out how I can keep credits coming in to pay for fuel for my Guild Flagship and pay for my sabaac addiction. Because this game is legitimately fun, and I hope it stays that way.

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03.02.2020 , 11:59 PM | #20
More on XP boosts: A guildie remarked, and I concur, that we've spent a lot of REAL WORLD $$$$ on XP boosts and don't like having them taken away arbitrarily like this. Something to consider.
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