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Bounty Hunter and Trooper Class Changes in 6.1.1 - Feedback

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Bounty Hunter and Trooper Class Changes in 6.1.1 - Feedback
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.26.2020 , 09:52 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Floplag View Post
This is failed logic. Lets be real, no spec in this game is that hard. But even if it were being easier should make it suck dps wise. This is just merc hate.

People act like all mercs do is hit three buttons, heres the thing, if thats all your doing your dying in pvp and killing your own dps in PvE. The baseline rotation is only the beginning if your doing it right.

I play multiple classes and roles, my merc has been my main since day 1 but far from all i play, and the numbers are really different in comparison. I can hit harder with almost literally any other class, including lightning, than i can on my merc. Higher dps, higher max hits, everything. Not to mention the complete lack of needing to even are about resources on a sorc 90% of the time. I play the merc as i enjoy it, not because its the most effective.

Basically what youre describing IS how its working right now.
Most ppl also underestimate the resource management with the arsenal which exists and is actually not that easy if you want to play him optimal, easy to learn yeah but to master is not that easy. Many other classes just can ignore their ressources atm. And with his logic (how hard sth. is) IO should be the best class in the whole game

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03.26.2020 , 11:48 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by vicadin View Post
Ha ha...made me look. Nope.

No Concentrated Fire
No Notorious
No Tech Medic's

- Vic
Really?! I got all those sets just yesterday night...
D'un Djarin (Mercenary)
- Mandalorian Bounty Hunter -

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03.28.2020 , 08:19 AM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Weiser_Philosoph View Post
Commando Assault Specialist bug was fixed with last patch. (due it was not mentioned in the patchnotes) The leaderboard isn't reseted for them so far.
With actual patch Assault Specialist parses around 21,8-22,4 k dps and gunnery around 21,7-22,5 k dps
They have lower numbers than mercs. The crit on the merc's mainhand is higher (up to 7% more crit), while the mainhand is doing 98,8% (Innovative Ordinance) and 98,5% (Arsenal) of the dmg. These are average numbers.
This leads to the huge dps gap between them.
They should fix the crit-discrepancy on the merc's mainhand to bring it on par with the republic mirror and then adjust the dmg wherever they wanted it to be.
I will be more specific with my calclations when the merc/commando changes are getting posted.
I posted this in another thread. The gap between commando and merc (you can check this in parsely) exists because of much more crit on the mainhand, Even with my parse on AS ( with the three more or less guaranted crits on mag-shot (59,19% crit on mainhand) i couldnt match the crit on a mercs mainhand (62,31%). This was a really high crit parse. Normally i couldnt get above 57,8% crit.
The bug has been fixed since 6.1 and now my highest parse is 22,4k (55,8% crit). The gap logically grew( 6,51%)

The arsenal/ gunnery crit difference on mainhaind goes up to 6,95%

Please fix this issue. Otherwise you have to buff the republic mirror to merc lvl (ex: with a passive). But this would be only a temporary solution.
Nora-serada Elesandros

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03.28.2020 , 08:55 AM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by DanielSteed View Post
Hello everyone!

In addition to The Nature of Progress Operation getting Master Mode and the new Set Bonuses, Game Update 6.1.1 will see some Class changes. Our main focus with these Class changes across the board are to adjust how healing works. A majority of these changes are focused on other Classes, but there are a few general changes happening for Bounty Hunters and Troopers. Below you will find a list of these changes that can be found on the most recent PTS build.

Powertech / Vanguard

  • The Veteran Ranger set bonus has changed:
    • 4 piece: Dealing damage with Shoulder Cannon grants Salvo, increasing Shoulder Cannon damage by 3% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times. In addition, while Shoulder Cannon loads missiles, you vent 2 heat per second.

Mercenary / Commando

Arsenal / Gunnery

  • Power Launcher / Charged Launcher now increases the damage of Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt, Tracer Missile / Grav Round, Heatseeker Missiles / Demolition Round and Electro Net by 10% (up from 5%)

Let us know what your thoughts! Please tell us if you think certain changes make a class overpowered or underpowered. Currently these are all of the planned changes for Bounty Hunters and Troopers. If any more changes are made, I will be sure to update this thread accordingly!

I think we will see a nerf on the concentrated fire setbonus cause of the heal spec.
So it's ok to buff arsenal/gunnery.
But why not buff IO/AS, too? On live patch arsernal/gunnery currently parses higher than IO/AS

Last but not least, you have to fix the dps-gap between Advanced Prototype and the republic mirror Tactics.
It seems a passive doesn't work correctly. Perhaps someone knows more about it.
You can compare the two following parses of me and you can see that the highest hits on Tactics are always noticeably smaller than on Advanced Prototype. The parses are before 6.1( buff for the spec and nerf of meteor brawler- set bonus) but the problem still exists.

Advanced Prototype:

Perhaps someone can contribute parses of both for the live patch.
Nora-serada Elesandros

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04.07.2020 , 06:47 PM | #45
as of today's PTS update the APEX PREDATOR set bonus is still not working correctly on PTS. The 4 piece set bonus should be stacking a +10% crit on Rapid Scan. In my testing 1 stack correctly grants +10%, but stacks 2 3 and 4 are not granting a further +10%. However 5th Stack appears to be working correctly.

Pew Pew

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04.20.2020 , 01:16 PM | #46

Increased the base healing done by Kolto Shell by roughly 30%.
Increased the base healing done by Proactive Medicine by roughly 338%.
Increased the base healing done by Healing Scan by roughly 6%.

Has Bioware take a look into the latest pareses ? There is no, literally no Bossfight, were Commando/Merc is lacking Heal! Basically NiM Groups are stacking Mercs/Comms already and they decide to Buff it, in addition to nerf Operatives ... ? Where is the logic in buffing alreary the strongest and considerably most versatily healer (due to its incredible strong tacticals) ?