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Sage vs Shadow for solo leveling?

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Sage vs Shadow for solo leveling?

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01.24.2012 , 04:45 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Ordell View Post
I don't either, but I had a Sith Marauder try this to me on Hoth in a cave. He got nothing but an butt-whoopin' by the champ. I ended up with two orange pieces of gear and a real nasty e-mail from his republic alt.

It was a good day.
LMAO nice one i like it

its players like that who deserve that!
The Anitcipation of Death is Worse than Death it self


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01.24.2012 , 06:15 PM | #12
I leveled my main as a shadow inf spec, and had no trouble dealing with mobs. CC with Mind maze, take the adds out, focus on the boss.

I used combat technique during boss fights with Theran, but any other mobs, shadow technique is fine. I don't use Nadia. While she is a decent DPS, healing after fights takes longer than killing mobs with Theran as he keeps you up at all times.

Shadow Inf tree is a very fun build (but extremely squishy) that requires fast decision making. If you like moving around your targets, or keeping your enemies under control (CC) it is certainly worth playing it.

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01.24.2012 , 06:53 PM | #13
I have a 26 sage and a 31 shadow. they both are fun to play, currently running both as balance. Ill add that I enjoy the playstyle of the shadow more, but they both are fun. The sage does have a bit of easier time soloing hard mobs, but I find that often its a matter of simply playing my shadow more effectively and i get similar results.

As an example, where on my sage I'd attack, heal a bit, attack, heal a bit shadow sneaks, CC's one. attacks others, lets Qyzen tank most, picks off one at a time, and hits CC last (usually the elite), ill let the elite finish off Qyzen while I whittle him down, and by the time the lizard has bit it, I can finish the mob off pretty well. If it's too bad...I can flash away and come back fresh at the elite with all his adds still dead.

So takes a bit more work at the high end with my shadow, but I enjoy his playstyle with the twin blade, and the mixture of melee vs ranged. still use allot of similar spells, but I feel less lost at melee range then I do on my sage.

this is aside from the obvious...Do I heal or do I tank? ultimately, other then simple DPS you will end up doing one OR the other at some point. perhaps not locked into it (any guild that forced me to be X spec over Y I wouldn't be a part of), but you will probably do it to get into runs easier, or to help friends, etc. So that question should still have an influence on what you play.

the only think I find that I miss on my shadow (except for the heals) is the range. there are times, like after a force wave that knocks them too far back, that I wish I had a bit of extra range on my 10m ranged attacks. But the stronger melee skills IMO make up for it. and the lack of healing is made up with control and escape options. My shadow has a get out of jail free card that i often frustratingly reach for on my sage when he gets in too deep :P

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01.24.2012 , 07:27 PM | #14
All I know is that once you have your Sage (which has a huge range compared with Shadows) get no cool down on Telekinetic Throw you become a damage monster.

It really changes the whole class for me. Especially running Force Armor and having Quyzen go in first to get aggro. For me there is joy in spamming TK Throw occasionally throwing out the occasional extra thing to make the fight interesting. You are a constant river of damage. I have an easier time taking down elites than I do with my Trooper or Jedi Guardian.

So I tend to favor Sages for solo play.