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Which tree has the fewest buttons to push?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sentinel / Marauder
Which tree has the fewest buttons to push?

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03.29.2013 , 01:43 PM | #21
I just switched from rage whilst levelling to carnage at 50. It is so much more enjoyable.

My priority rotation is usually this to build rage

Battering assault

Then change to this

Batting assault

Make sure you hit berserk to cut down your rage usage and throw in the odd assault to build rage if you mistime something. Seems to work OK for me - I imagine it probably isn't the best, but it'll do.

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03.29.2013 , 09:01 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by bbare View Post
Trash is easy in itself. Who cares which specs are easy on trash pulls? A powertech uses 5 main skills, IM, RP, RS, RPS, and FB. A merc uses 5 main skills, RS, TM, HM, RPS, and UL. A carnage marauder uses 5 main skills, Gore, Ravage, Force Scream, Assault, and massacre. A hybrid sorc uses 4 main skills, Crushing Darkness, Affliction, Force Lightning, and Death Field. Each of those classes have more or less the same amount of skills a powertech uses. Now why do powertechs get most of the criticism? Because of PvP. Because it is advantageous for a powertech to sit there and spam flameburst all day and throw up TD and RS when it proc's, they assume it is much easier than it is in pve. It is still one of the easier specs to learn in the game, but it isn't like it is that much easier than anything else in pve.
It's more than just PVP.

If a PT is within 10m of their target, they have basically peak DPS (worst case is a missed opportunity to use RP to proc PPA and *forced* to use FB instead (the horror!)). PT has zero channels and can move freely. PT isn't dependent on 4m range and isn't punished for leaving it. If forced beyond 10m, PT still does passable DPS while returning to 10m. It has no ramp-up to speak of before doing peak DPS. It doesn't have the most utility, certainly, but in terms of ability to effectively output top-tier DPS no matter what, it's in a class of one. And it's the easiest spec in the game to play competently to boot.

At least until 2.0 goes live it has fantastic output, coupled with simple execution, coupled with HUGE tolerance for "real world" situations that other classes are punished by.

RDPS has to move, especially for any period of time? DPS loss. Potentially massive DPS loss.

Any other melee class gets forced out of melee range? DPS loss. Potentially significant if coinciding with Gore or causing Annihilator stacks to fall for Marauder. Noteworthy but not quite as bad for Vengeance Juggies. Neither Assassin nor Operative fares that well even though they have some ability to DPS within 10m (though Operative can't do it for more than 1-2 GCDs without ruining energy and Shock has a long-ish CD for Sins). Madness Assassins probably suffer the least thanks to the DOTs, but it's also ruinously hard to play well and the reward for learning it is still being a second-tier DPS.

I don't understand why this is even an argument. PT isn't even all that fun to play (it's hella boring!). It is, however, shockingly effective and in the current 50-cap game probably the most solid all-around DPS because of the combination of output and user friendliness. In PVP. In PVE. In everything. Full stop.

Marauder is awesome because you actually have to work a little to be a monster, and you are rewarded for skill. It is and will continue to be my favorite and primary DPS class when I have the opportunity to play a DPS. I'm not going to sit here and say with a straight face that it's on equal footing with PT in the hands of anyone except the absolute best Marauders, because it just isn't. Nothing is.
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