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a couple of quality of life and defensive changes

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a couple of quality of life and defensive changes

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09.13.2017 , 02:01 PM | #1
* In the name of god, scale down the brightness or change the animation of lightning barrier to something more eye friendly.
* Merge lightning barrier to sith defiance in T1
* Merge surging speed to emersion cause it has shorter name
* Merge haunted dreams to dizzying force in T1 and rename it to haunted dreams cause the latter has a silly name
* Remove dark vigor, for dps disciplines dark resilience gives 15% damage reduction, for healing discipline it gives the extricate bonus, can go to T4; buff dps survivability and nerf heals with one move
* Galvanizing cleanse makes expunge off-cd also (good luck implementing that, so might as well had it as a new ability), the way it is currently implemented might as well remove it completely
* Affliction under lightning does not break mezzes for rotational obvious reasons
* Remove enfeebling strike or rename it to "i am trolling you strike"
* Give both lightning and madness a 15% speed boost baseline cause they are benny hill on light armor underwear, ok scratch that, give 15% slow reduction
* Phase walk gives 1-2s of 100% damage absorb cause its silly to be heatseekered, dispatched, whatevered after out of range
* Remove pw casting time
* Reduce phase walk cd to 45s
* DPS disciplines, phase walk increases healing by 25% for the next 4s, cause by the time sorcs heal up they are out of combat, which in turn is used to regenerate the resources.
* Static barrier on self is off-gcd
* Increase a tiny bit the healing during bastion, something between what it used to be and what is now.
* No need for 6 options on all tiers.
* MOST IMPORTANT, in the name of god PW DOES NOT CANCEL WHEN NETTED OR OTHERWISE... Make double tapping to cancel.
Thx. Tc.

PS: Class is fine, a bit of damage boost, especially for pve madness (dont touch dots or pvp tears again), and a bit of reduction of the downtime as dps while using dcds, aka active heals.
PPS: Class as DPS in its current state is quite unforgiving and requires patience but far from rubbish as people claim, so I encourage you to play it if you like it and learn from your mistakes.