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Kaggath Rulebook

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04.29.2015 , 05:07 AM | #991
Quote: Originally Posted by StarSquirrel View Post
While I am with Tune on this and feel that 0 is the appropriate number, I will concede that 80 is an acceptable compromise considering your source. Though in the future (in the next match/tournament) I'd put my money on 0 being the Acclamator's proper complement.
If you can find a source of your own to support that claim.

However if not I'll be going with that the Essential Guide says, being the most recent source.

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04.29.2015 , 05:08 AM | #992
OK so the majority seem to be in support of the standard Acclamator, so we'll go with that.

That gives Lady an estimated 3,612 fighters. So lets get back the debate.