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The Rishi Class Missions

lironBD's Avatar

04.21.2015 , 12:50 PM | #11
Inquisitor is my fav ofc as it is my main but...

Counselor was pretty good if you listened to the banter you get parts of the story from ALL other classes.

Warrior blends very good with main SOR plot.
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Maryz's Avatar

07.08.2016 , 02:54 AM | #12
I did all of them.


I'm trying to find a recording somewhere of Bounty hunter class quest. I refused money for it and completed it before bioware fixed the issue that the quest giver reacted to that upon completion. All recordings I saw that used the line where the money is refused also were from prefixed version. Anyone got any idea where I can find the fixed version? I know its only one line of dialogue but that is why I still play all 8 characters, the differences between them.
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07.08.2016 , 06:05 AM | #13
I've done Jedi Knight, Agent, and Sith Warrior so far. My Trooper's on Rishi but she's kind of on hold while I do DvL with a friend.

I quite liked all three of the ones that I've actually done. I won't get into specifics because they're pretty much covered by others' posts. Jedi Knight was my favourite.

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01.13.2017 , 04:16 AM | #14
As someone who has played all the ones of the Empire's side I have to say that the Sith Inquisitior takes my number 1 hands down as someone who plays as pro-Empire & Alien Sith Lord it really demonstrates how much power you have over the Empire and of course I chose to redirect all of the assets to the Empire's war effort.
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Aeneas_Falco's Avatar

01.13.2017 , 08:53 AM | #15
The Consular had by far the best of the bunch, IMO.

Hopefully they do something like this again with a future expansion.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

01.13.2017 , 11:00 AM | #16
Since the thread has already been necroed, I'll jump in here.

Yesterday I finally did BH and IA to finish the set.

What I have to say about the IA one will surprise people, perhaps.

See, I didn't (on my first play-through) really like the IA story. It's a not a bad story (if I read an expanded version of it in a longish short story or a shortish novel, it would be OK), but it's not a good MMORPG class story. Or, more accurately, it's not a good SWTOR class story. In the others, even if the overall outcomes aren't often influenced by your actions and your dialogue choices, the flow and path of the local story are. In Chapter 2, for story-coherent reasons, they aren't. The reasons *are* story-coherent, but they remove even the illusion of choice that the other classes have, and I didn't like that.

So the Rishi IA quest was a pleasant surprise. The Minister showed the caring-human side of him that we almost never saw during the main class story, and kind of redeemed himself.

All the Rish class quests have their good points, although I was a little disappointed by the final wheel of the BH story, since it seemed to not quite offer something I would have gone for. But that's common. (But the quest also reinforces the non-validity for the BH of a question that was posed previously on these forums about the in-KotFE/KotET validity of the classes' pre-carbonite citizenship. The BH was *never* an Imperial citizen, and has multiple opportunities to make that point, including in the entrance to the final Darok/Arkous fight, and in the Rishi BH quest, Crysta's daughter makes the point instead of the BH.)
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