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6.0 Crafting is Ludicrously a complete and total piece of Junk

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6.0 Crafting is Ludicrously a complete and total piece of Junk

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11.09.2019 , 06:03 AM | #161
Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
Hanlon's razor

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity or incompetence.”

Incompetence as in attempting to make changes of this magnitude without allocating and ensuring appropriate knowledge and resource levels to ensure a quality outcome.
I assumed that at first... but then I actually dug into what they've done to crafting... and it's definitely malicious.... I feel like the accidental exposure of their "joke" item that showed up in place of the bio and arms crafted tacticals reinforces that point.

I wanted to think it was incompetence, or lack of resources... but no, it's carefully planned ABUSE.
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11.09.2019 , 11:30 AM | #162
Quote: Originally Posted by Alanbra View Post
I don't see the statement that crafting will be changed to all that encouraging. They'll probably change assemblies from 10/10/8 to 8/8/6 and jawa junk cost of new mats will go from 200 and 100, and the forums will be filled with how Bioware listened and responded to our concerns.
Or they adjust missions to provide a few more greens by having them drop in the higher tiers or something, but fundamentally keep the absurdly low RE chance, high mats costs, added complexity, and stuff like conquest mats required for basic items.

And yes, they could do something so meaningless as adjust the RE chance from 5% to 6%, and we'd still see the usual suspects posting all kinds of 'you guys should be thanking the developers for these changes, they listened and made great changes, I <3 these devs they are so awesome' posts.

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11.09.2019 , 04:45 PM | #163
I think sometimes extremists on both sides defend odd positions, but when even the white knights admit crafting is a travesty, then you know things are bad.
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