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Tactics in Rated Warzones

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01.25.2013 , 11:14 PM | #1
Hey all, have a few questions for those that have tried out full Tactics builds in rateds. I'm not looking for theory craft, what ifs, and predictions. I'm looking for a people that have played it/tried it out in rateds.

1. Did the utility usage of the Tactics VG noticeably change/alter the flow of the game that it helped give your team the advantage? Was the utility usage more convenient than an Assault VG's extra single target spike damage?

2. How does the Tactics VG do when up against a competent team with FotM users such as bubble pop, smash monkeys, assault VGs, 27/1/13 Shadows/Assassins (this is arguable as FotM)? Do you feel truly less squishy compared to an Assault VG when against these specs? How do you fare against Snipers in particular?

3. Do you find yourself heavily countering another spec? Have you ever felt like another spec heavily countered you? Why?

4. While full tactics, did you ever try using Ion Stance to provide a tanky-dpsish role to the group? How did it go?

5. Where you finding your damage adequate in helping focusing targets down?

Again, I'm loooking for people who have tried this spec in rateds. I would be interested in hearing other Tactics VGs input on playing with solid premades, but I'm mainly here to talk about rateds. Every post that is trolling or otherwise flaming the Tactics build as a whole as "lol bad", "turrible spec hurr durr", and the rest of the trolly remarks will be reported. Looking for solid feedback. Thanks!
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01.26.2013 , 07:23 AM | #2
I've tried it out once, got the highest medals and damage, still not very high (80k lol), mostly because my team was terribad and we were facing the other top guild's "A team", and they let their secondhand baddies come play with us. I felt like I couldn't kill anything, even when I aoed. Flamethrower is more powerful than smash, thought it is channeled and takes three seconds, and has a 15 min cd. I think lowering it would be nice lol.
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