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PT Builds for Solo & PVP

-Engra-'s Avatar

02.01.2012 , 06:12 AM | #1
after several class reroll finally i found that the PT fit my playstile

i have study 2 build, each focused on Pyro, for Solo & PVP and with my surprise i dont have found similar builds posted by anyone, so i have the suspet to have done some error of evaluation

the first is the aggressive version focused on ranged dps, pointed on dots, railshot and flame burst to have a dynamic fight at 5-9m

the second is the defensive version of the previouse with the add of a flat 6% dmg reduction (Combust+Power Armor) and the OilSick ability, and provide a dps switch losing Firebug and Rain of Firein change of Retractable Blade