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Since every change benefits sorcerers

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Since every change benefits sorcerers

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02.14.2012 , 07:49 AM | #1
Since every change benefits sorcerers so far, will the next patch increase healing done by healing classes? Or maybe increase the damage absorbtion from shields?

Rant off

Anyway thing is, my Operative is a scissors class. That means I have trouble fighting rocks, such as powertechs, marauders, tank assassins or mercenaries, but I should have little trouble fighting paper classes, such as sorcerers.

Point is, for some reason sorcerers are perhaps the hardest class, their knockback has a root effect, they have two heals and a powerful regenerative ability. A shield that absorbs 4k damage, ranged stun, a snare and worst of all an incap ability when you strike them from stealth if they are out of combat.

After experiencing the ret paladin from WoW I never thought any class would be ever so overpowered as they were, but I think BW succeeded.

I propose the following changes:
Their overall damage and healing is reduced by 50%, and instead they get a dmg and healing stance, that either doubles their dmg or healing.
When a sorc's shield is active, their dmg and healing is reduced by 50%
The cooldown on the knockback gets increased to 2 minutes so they actually have to consider when to use it.
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