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CC market system broken

OlBuzzard's Avatar

04.29.2019 , 10:12 AM | #1
1. I can't buy CC from in game. It gives me an error code 10 (whatever that is)
2. There seems to be a limit of 5500 of CC I can buy through my account outside of the game (there use to be more options available ? ..... sorry my bad it's been a while).
3. I can't select stuff to take advantage of the sale prices and pay with CC when done. ( I'm aready over 6K in cartell coin items that I would I'd like to take care of.) Plus there are a few things needed later on so I would like to have a few coins left over. (different boosts that are needed). I've recently spent over 3K in stuff just to get the game going again...

Please note this is not a rant. I just really don't have two or three days to wait on customer service to answer due to RL matters to take care of here at home.

Please advise.