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Rakghoul Resurgence?

Darkdust's Avatar

05.01.2019 , 10:44 AM | #1
Recently came back and I'm trying to get this week's Rakghoul Resurgence event going. But I can't find the contact (Republic-side). I thought they would be outside House Organa in that tent just to the south, based on Dulfy's guide, but no dice. Where should I be looking to start the quests?

MorseGod's Avatar

05.01.2019 , 10:47 AM | #2
You can open the Activity Finder menu and choose the event from there, or you can go to Fleet and find the hovering terminals that will give you a news clip and a mission.
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05.01.2019 , 10:55 AM | #3
You get the "quest" for the Rakghoul event from those hovering "news" kiosks on the fleet (next to the elevators).
The location of the Rakghoul plague changes from event to event. This time it's on Corelia.
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Darkdust's Avatar

05.01.2019 , 11:21 AM | #4
So I have the mission from the hovering announcer droid on the Fleet and saw the news cutscene. From there, I've gone to Corellia, but can't find something to point me in the right direction on the planet.

Monumenta's Avatar

05.01.2019 , 11:26 AM | #5
exit the spaceport and take a right

Darkdust's Avatar

05.01.2019 , 12:04 PM | #6
Derp, I realize now what I was doing wrong (mixing up planets). Thanks to everyone for their help!