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How to improve ranked

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How to improve ranked

Xarios's Avatar

02.11.2019 , 07:50 PM | #1
This is a list of changes that I would like to see in ranked to help improve it.

1.) PVP Gear: With the current system of gearing pvpers are forced to do pve in order to get gear and the progression system for it is to long. Pvp gear was a fast and easy way of gearing so people could jump right into action, it required players to have 2018 expertise to que for ranked and essentially helped stop the problem with players coming into ranked with no gear or very low tier of gear. Gear shouldn't be a factor in pvp and by bringing back pvp gear everyone is on the same gear level. In my opinion it doesn't hurt the pvers wanting to pvp as well because the gear was so easy to get with the warzone commendations being legacy tradeable.

2.) Mats: If we ever really want to see solo ranked become competitive I think that mats need to be taken out of solo ranked and kept in group ranked and maybe even add more mats to it. By taking mats out of solo ranked it gives no incentive for mat farmers to que anymore, but will instead que for group ranked. It is very frustrating when you get a match in solo ranked with a mat farmer that is just there for the daily and most of the time it ends up with a loss.

3.) Que System: I think solo ranked should work similar to how group finder works. Now correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't qued for group finder in a long time, but if you leave or drop que you can't que for another fifteen minutes. I would like to see a system implemented similar to this. Currently, people are constantly leaving and dropping que and I can't tell you how many 3v4s I've had because it's a lot. Essentially how this would work is if you leave, get kicked, or drop que you can't que again for 5 minutes, but if it happens again within lets say a twenty-four hour time frame (subject to change) another 5 minutes will be added. After that twenty-four hours the timer will reset. I chose 5 minutes because you have to take into account of people disconnecting from games, so I think that it's a fair amount of time.

4.) Elo: In my opinion, the current elo system is out dated and could possibly be changed. A lot of people have suggested bringing in a new system based off wins instead of a rating. I've also heard that Bioware should copy the elo system from other games like Wow or Guild Wars but honestly I've never played them and don't know how it works. The point is the elo system needs to change and I think basing it off wins could work.

5.) Content: This one is pretty obvious because Bioware doesn't put much effort into ranked. If Bioware actually cared and started bringing in better rewards I think more people would play if the rewards are good. These last few seasons have been kind of trash with rewards. I don't like the fact that Bioware is bringing in old rewards from previous seasons I think this goes to show how lazy Bioware is and doesn't want to spend time coming up with new rewards, essentially if Bioware brings back seasons one through seven they don't have to come up with new rewards for a few years and it's just recycled content. I myself already have all the rewards from every season except for a few top 3s and the fact they're bringing this back is dumb, the rewards from previous seasons are unique and shouldn't come back. Bioware needs start putting in more effort with not just rewards but pvp in general.

I would like to hear what the community has to say about this and if anyone has any other changes that you would like to see please share them.

Lundorff's Avatar

02.12.2019 , 06:13 AM | #2
Yes I agree with everything you list. It would help ranked a lot, so naturally they will never be implemented.

merovejec's Avatar

02.12.2019 , 08:07 AM | #3
Some points I agree, but some not.

1. Gear for PVPers should be as before, you get it while doing PVP, that was probably the best system. PVEers cant come into ranked with better gear than people who only do ranked.

2. I wouldnt put mats even into group ranked. Yes it raised group ranked from dead but it only server to people to farm mat farmers and secure top 3s via group ranked. No mats at all in ranked since you dont need them as you would get gear from doing PVP

3. Not sure there is any hope here. No matter what the Devs would think of, those 30 people who go for the top spots would find a way to take advantage of the system. Que system wouldnt need a change if there was more aggressive treament of cheaters, leavers, trolls etc.

4. Relate to comments in point 3.

5. I think this is fine, we got new maps (the new ring is quite fun) and I am fine with old rewards as there are very few people who still have them. The new people in the game will see them as new stuff.