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So what is the deal with the satellites?

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So what is the deal with the satellites?

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03.02.2015 , 06:40 PM | #1
This has been happening enough lately that I'm tired of it. In the domination match, I usually start with a scout. I get to one of the satellites. I fly around it for a while, then after several seconds, it finally starts to turn green. I notice that when I am in a race for the satellite, even though I will make it there first, it starts turning red. I always thought that to start turning the satellite, you just had to be close. Is that not true? Is there something, somewhere, you are supposed to be to get it to recognize you?

Or does tie always go to the imp?

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03.02.2015 , 06:47 PM | #2
You definitely have to stay close to it to star turning it. And it might also be relevant that it turns faster the more team members are close to it. So if it's just you v like 3-4 enemies at a sat, and you even hit something like Power Dive, that can take you out of position long enough to make a major difference.
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03.02.2015 , 08:06 PM | #3
A few times I have experienced a dead spot on satt at C in Denon. Had to change positons to get it to turn
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