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nerf ap pt

sebakonkol's Avatar

Today , 05:18 AM | #21
Powertech deserve having best damage in game and its out of a question. I think the real problem is underperforming burst tacticals of other specs

For example, Deception`s Blade of Elements, its very weak compared to Powerlode
It gives autocrit on reaping strike, and reduces its cd, but it does not have any help with generating 2 critical stacks for it
I think it could generate 2 critical stacks after low slash for example

Arsenal`s Burning Bright
It could use some autocrit on double-damage priming shot, and/or heatseeker missles. now it makes no sense using it over Priming Ignition

Rage`s Syn`s Second Amulet
Imo, this tactical is closest one to Powerlode. It provides great burst damage. but, it does not provide autocrits. I would make retaliation (with this tactical) generate 1 rage instead of refunding it, and make your next Furious Strike autocrit.

Fury`s perservation
This tactical is decent, and it already gets 20% buff for 2 secs after obliterate. I think its decent one

Lightning`s Eyrin’s Haste
Well, this tactical is werid. I have not really tested it, so I cannot say much

Marksman`s B-0 Differential Targeting System
This tactical is werid as well. It sometimes works on PvP, but roll cd is longer than ambush one. I don`t really like its playstyle and I use Agitating Energies instead.
Maybe changing abillity that makes ambush instant with more damage to other than roll is solution
Maybe under Entrench?

Conc`s Volatile Strike
This tactical is decent and I don`t think it needs changes