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Twilight Resurgence: The Empire Needs YOU (RP/PvE)

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Twilight Resurgence: The Empire Needs YOU (RP/PvE)

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05.18.2020 , 03:50 PM | #1
The Empire Needs YOU

Join the Twilight Resurgence*. We're an RP guild (that does Conquest and PvE) with an overarching guild storyline and smaller stories that include different spheres of influence for your character to join:

-Sith Academy, which deals with lore and artifact retrieval;
-Military, our frontline fighters and medics;
-The Enclave, our Mandalorians;
-The Underdark, our reallocation specialists (crime DOES pay, occasionally);
-Law and Justice, our justiciars and magistrates;
-Intelligence, our watchers, operatives, and fixers;
-The Inquisitors, our heretic-hunters;
-and the Vicarium Guard, our bodyguards and shadowy agents behind the scenes.

Our Story: The guild storyline takes place after the events of Onslaught. With the Empire poised to strike out against its enemies, the Empress has decreed that the Twilight Resurgence, a secret military organization of the most elite Imperial troops, Sith and Warriors, destroy all those who oppose the Empire. Under the leadership of the Empress' Wrath, Hand, and Voice, the Empire is once again striving to be more unified to defeat their enemies!

Who We're Looking For: Storytellers, friends, and co-conspirators who want to develop their own character's stories as well as add to the guild's. Leadership opportunities available. Whisper Mugak, Sawilla, Xynedra, Audria Jar'kyn, Zagrin, or Amora in game for more information and/or an invite, and check out our SWTOR Fan Community page.

Glory to the Empire!

*No vampires. Sorry.

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05.30.2020 , 11:33 AM | #2
We just finished a fantastic month in May of guild stories lead by a different Sphere each week: starting with our allies, we took out a Hutt and their cronies on Voss. Next we moved to our Intelligence sphere, where they lead a mission to track down a traitorous slicer working for a new syndicate. We also hit Nar Shaddaa factories led by our Mando Enclave, Hutta criminals with our Academy sphere, and more.

If this sounds like fun, come join us!