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How much Alacrity for Madness?

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How much Alacrity for Madness?

Equeliber's Avatar

01.05.2018 , 10:59 AM | #1
I tried the high alacrity build with 1876 alacrity and in 3 parses got worse or same results as with 1281 alacrity that I run for Lightning... So I am now confused, how much alacrity do you guys run?

This is my current best parse and i have no clue what to do better here
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Hoppinswtor's Avatar

01.06.2018 , 09:23 AM | #2
You want 1860 alacrity for madness.
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Dajman's Avatar

01.09.2018 , 09:54 AM | #3
Is 1860 something you want as soon as your item level will handle it or is it something you should wait for until tier 4 and 248?

I had heard to run 702 alacrity until 248 and then run alacrity in augments and enhancements only to bring it to 1860 while looking at other stats for all other slots?

Yezzan's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 02:10 AM | #4
Tier 4 below tier 4, you want to focus more on crit